Photo of a student taking a cell phone video of the event "Come sta I'italiano."

Students of Italian Create Articles for La Voce di New York

The following five articles were created as part of a partnership between the online newspaper La Voce di New York and Teresa Fiore as instructor of the Contemporary Italian Cultural Studies (ITAL381) course.

Fully integrated into the curriculum of the class (Italian media, design, photography, immigration, etc.), the articles functioned as final projects and gave five students a chance to be active participants in events on and off campus – such as NYU screenings and book presentations as well as gallery exhibits in New York – and reviewers for a newspaper with a strong following in the Italian/Italophile community in the U.S.

Vittoria Fronte (Italian major) and Talia Antonacci (minor) covered the latest Inserra events on, respectively, the historical and contemporary role of the Italian media in the U.S. and the Italian Reggio Emilia educational philosophy and its application in the U.S.

Italian major Dariell Vasquez attended and wrote a piece on a talk with author and photographer Kristina Gill for the presentation of her latest book on traditional Roman flavors, Tasting Rome: Fresh flavors & Forgotten Recipes from an Ancient City, at the Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò.

On her article, Ylenia Crocco, minoring in Italian, describes the collection of photographs by Mario Giacomelli exhibited at the Keith De Lillis Gallery in New York, a visual story of common day, rural Italy after World War II.

Finally, Dominique Aponte, Italian minor, tells the stories at the center of director Brunella Filì’s documentary Emergency Exit, stories of thirteen Italian expats in the contemporary globalized world.

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More articles were written by students of Italian along the years to cover specific Inserra events, and published by La Voce di New York.
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