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Programs for Schools

The Institute for the Humanities offers programs both for teachers and for teachers accompanied by students.

Teacher workshops

The Institute runs a variety of one-off workshops for teachers each year — primarily aimed at high school teachers but also, where noted, of interest to middle school teachers. These programs aim to reinvigorate teaching by offering new critical and pedagogical perspectives on frequently-taught texts, as well as suggestions for broadening the curriculum beyond the tried and true.  The Institute for the Humanities is an approved Classification One Provider for the New Jersey Department of Education and many of its programs offer the option of earning Professional Development Credits.

Student programs

Every year the Institute for the Humanities offers Classics Day (designed to serve as introduction to studying Classics at the college level, with a morning of presentations on Classics-related subjects followed by a contest in Roman Civilization, Latin grammar, and Classical Mythology), Humanities in the Schools Day (featuring nine presentations on an overarching theme from the perspective of multiple humanistic disciplines), and World Cultures Day (which approaches the theme or topic selected for the year from the angle of different methodologies within the humanities). In addition, new single, one-off programs are offered on a regular basis.