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About Us

The Office of International Engagement (IE) is dedicated to creating a welcoming environment and a culture of care for all international students and scholars. IE aspires to collaboratively build and lead internationalization efforts to enhance academic vitality, integrity and diversity to prepare faculty, students and staff to excel as global citizens and scholars.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Office of International Engagement at Montclair State University is to:

  • collaboratively develop transformative, inclusive international teaching, learning, scholarship and engagement opportunities for all Montclair State students, faculty and staff which promote global perspectives and civil society;
  • prepare students to thrive and lead as global citizens in a knowledge-based, globally interconnected society and economy.

Areas of service

IE provides campus-wide leadership and coordination of Montclair State internationalization initiatives, partnerships and programs.

International Admissions and Student Services

International Admissions and Student Services provides a one-stop shop to guide international students through the process of applying for admission, securing visas and maintaining visa status, engaging with the campus community, ongoing social, cultural and academic activities, excursions and programming, all culminating in an International Student Achievement Ceremony prior to graduation.  International Admissions and Student Services creates a welcoming environment and a culture of care for all international students and scholars.

International Partnerships

IE collaboratively builds and nurtures teaching, learning, research and service projects spanning more than 60 international institutions.

IE creates innovative local-to-global engagement opportunities for students, faculty, staff and the community at large.

IE develops and sustains strategic private-public partnerships with foreign academic institutions, governing bodies, non-profit organizations, industry and individuals to create mutually beneficial collaborations.

Study Abroad

Of all the international options available to students, international study abroad, with the attendant immersion in the language and culture of the host country, is by far the most effective in cultivating a consciousness of global citizenship and international engagement. IE strives to develop international study abroad and domestic study away opportunities that provide cultural immersion and an academic complement to Montclair State programs.  IE offers a broad and flexible range of programs to meet the needs of our diverse student population.  Programs are available in over 60 countries and during every term of study. IE carefully develops and maintains exchange partnerships with institutions around the world, providing affordable options for Montclair State students to study abroad and hosting international exchange students, adding to the rich diversity of our campus.

Leaders of the World

Leaders of the World (LOTW) programs provide unique venues for academic, government, business and non-profit leaders to meet and discuss challenges and opportunities in their communities and find solutions to address their needs. LOTW offers lectures, seminars and educational programming across the world.  LOTW offers summer programs and on-site seminars for talented high school and university student leaders and scholars.

LOTW has expanded the scope of Montclair State internationalization, increased international diversity and student enrollment on campus, connected the University to international research and development projects, and sponsored seminars for students and faculty in the U.S. and internationally.

Fulbright and Sponsored Scholarship Programs

IE facilitates and hosts incoming international students on prestigious sponsored programs, such as Fulbright, MESCYT, UGRAD, IREX and the Initiative to Educate Afghan Women.  Foreign Fulbright students and scholars represent nations and disciplines spanning the globe.  IE also hosts the Fulbright Gateway Orientation Program, which brings up to 90 foreign Fulbright graduate students to campus for a week-long intensive program including cultural, academic, social and leadership workshops.  Montclair State University students have been selected as Fulbright U.S. Students in a variety of fields and countries.

For more information, please contact the Office of International Engagement.