Students on campus.

Host and Scholar Expectations

The visiting scholar and host faculty will be expected to carry out responsibilities at Montclair State.

Faculty Host Expectations

The host faculty should be the liaison between the visiting scholar, the Office of International Engagement, and campus community. As the primary contact, the host faculty will provide assistance during the residency of the visiting scholar and will be expected to:

  1. Conduct an online (or in person) interview with scholar applicant.
  2. Arrange an office space for the visiting scholar and orient the scholar to the campus.
  3. Introduce the visiting scholar to the department and other colleagues.
  4. Refer the scholar to appropriate resources, lectures, and other opportunities.
  5. If possible, pick up and drop off the visiting scholar at the airport and help the scholar settle in.
  6. Work with the visiting scholar in finding off-campus housing with assistance from IE.
  7. Schedule regular meetings with the scholar and ensure progress is being made with their research.
  8. Identify opportunities for the scholar to learn about U.S. culture and be actively engaged with the campus community.
  9. Notify the department and the Office of International Engagement of the visiting scholar’s expected arrival date on campus.
  10. Notify the Office of International Engagement if the scholar is absent for a significant period of time and/or not making reasonable progress with their research.

Visiting Scholar Expectations

Visiting scholars should interact significantly with the campus community.  In addition to successfully completing the proposed research or teaching assignment, a visiting scholar will be expected to

  1. Deliver at least one public presentation at a departmental or college level.
  2. Comply with all university regulations.
  3. Deliver presentations, meet with classes or student groups that share common characteristics or interests, participate as a guest speaker within the scholar’s disciplines, or in courses related to language and culture.
  4. Regularly be present on campus and meet with your faculty mentor.
  5. Actively pursue opportunities to learn about U.S. culture.
  6. Submit a report on achievements, presentations and research efforts to the faculty host and the Office of International Engagement prior to your departure.

Visiting scholars are responsible for complying with U.S. federal laws and regulations governing the J-visa.

  1. Upon your arrival on campus you must check in with the Office of International Engagement.
  2. Report your change of address to your scholar advisor within 10 days.
  3. Depart the U.S. within the 30 days after the end of the program.
  4. Apply for an extension before the expiration of the program.
  5. Maintain required health and accident insurance.
  6. Keep your passport valid at all times.
  7. Carry your original documents when traveling outside of New Jersey.

Visiting Scholar Mentor Fund

Recognizing the time and effort that our Faculty Mentors expend in supporting their scholars, the Office of International Engagement (IE) will support Faculty Mentors with a spending budget of up to $150 per scholar, per semester in reimbursements. Faculty may use the fund to attend a conference with their scholar, treat their scholar to a welcome lunch or dinner, host a meeting of colleagues to interact with the scholar, provide refreshments at a scholar’s campus “talk”, pay for the cost of airport pick-up, admission to a cultural event, or any other reasonable activity and expense associated with welcoming, supporting and engaging our visiting scholars.

Any faculty who is a “mentor” for a scholar may request reimbursement by submitting an expense request in WorkDay with actual receipts attached. All requests and reimbursements must meet University policy and be submitted with a brief, clear explanation of the expense within two weeks of the activity. To be eligible for funding, the scholar must be visiting at Montclair State through an invitation by the Office of International Engagement for at least two months.

If there is any question of whether an expense is appropriate, scholar mentors are advised to seek approval from IE before making the expenditure.