Color Palette

Color provides a strong visual link to the Montclair State brand identity across a variety of applications. The University’s most identifiable color is Red PMS 200, which, along with white and black, are used for the University’s visual identity system and other official University applications.

For marketing communications developed to support the It’s all here brand, a broader color palette has been developed to express the brand and provide for more creativity and variance across a wide variety of mediums. This sophisticated palette consists of five colors in addition to red and black, and should only be used as highlights to PMS 200 Red, used sparingly.

Montclair Red PMS 200 C: 3
M: 100
Y: 70
K: 12
R: 206
G: 17
B: 65
Gold PMS 124 C: 0
M: 28
Y: 100
K: 6
R: 238
G: 177
B: 17
Orange PMS 1595 C: 0
M: 59
Y: 100
K: 5
R: 232
G: 125
B: 30
Green PMS 383 C: 37
M: 20
Y: 100
K: 1
R: 148
G: 206
B: 8
Deep Blue PMS 295 C: 100
M: 57
Y: 0
K: 45
R: 0
G: 56
B: 107
Deep Gray/Blue Cool Gray 8 C: 48
M: 40
Y: 38
K: 4
R: 138
G: 138
B: 141

Both the PMS and CMYK numbers have been provided for each color in the palette chart to the left. During printing, there are many factors that can influence accurate color reproduction: paper stock, ink coverage, line screen and other factors. For optimal results, work with your printer to match the colors indicated in these guidelines. Also use the appropriate color chips for matching purposes when reproducing these colors on other media, such as fabric, plastic, paint, etc.

While these colors are approved as the primary palette of the brand campaign, we recognize there will be instances when alternative colors may be needed. In such instances, contact University Communications for approval and assistance.