Key Messages

At Montclair State, we generate life-changing opportunities by:

  • Creating innovative programs in areas that align with the global marketplace
  • Connecting people to new places and expansive opportunities
  • Challenging students through passionate teaching and focused research
  • Fostering a supportive campus community
  • Building an exciting hub of cultural and intellectual activity
  • Demonstrating our commitment to advancing New Jersey

If the positioning statement describes “what we do differently,” then this brand messaging platform is “how we do it.” These compelling, research-based messages are the heart of the University’s brand. They represent the core ideas to promote in both internal and external marketing communications. Their thematic nature means the core idea can be translated to any audience. Think of them as a lead or topical sentence for which specific institutional examples can be offered as evidence.

Incorporating these core ideas into written and oral communication, particularly with audiences that affect recruitment and reputation, will begin to cement the University’s brand in the minds of these stakeholders. On the following pages, each core idea in the platform is given additional supporting language and examples to consider when generating copy and text.