Personality and Voice

Montclair State is a university on the move; a place synonymous with energy and momentum. The amazing growth, both physical and academic, in recent decades has created a comprehensive institution of great importance to New Jersey, the region and its significant industries. Montclair State now stands on its own as a flagship university of New Jersey.

Ambitious | Collaborative | Confident

Members of the Montclair State community exude talent and ambition. They want to participate in the process of discovery, both personally and in their chosen fields and disciplines. This confidence is accompanied by a strong sense of personal investment in each other’s success. It is one of many “ideal combinations” of attributes that distinguishes Montclair State.

Creative | Determined | Dynamic

This is the inspiration for telling the story of today’s Montclair State, and should guide the tone of brand marketing communications visually and in text. Language should convey a contrasting or previously unknown combination of elements. Graphically, it is important to convey growth and energy through movement and action.

Energetic | Entrepreneurial | Hard-working

Consistency of editorial voice across both print and electronic media is key to effectively communicating It’s all here should reflect the sense of confidence and energy characterize Montclair State University.

Inclusive | Supportive | Talented

The most important guideline we can offer is to keep it simple. Effective brand messaging, particularly in advertising, should be characterized by minimal copy creating limited focal points for the reader; do not overload pages with text. Language should be active; it should deliver a punch. Avoid the passive voice and run-on sentences.