Typography plays an important role in accurately expressing the tone and personality of It’s all here. The consistent use of our preferred type families will strengthen and unify the Montclair State brand.

The University’s principal typefaces for It’s all here are Helvetica Condensed and Helvetica Black. Both are classic and versatile sans serif fonts. Helvetica Light Condensed should be used primarily for body text. Helvetica Black and/or Univers Light Ultra Condensed should be used for headlines and other display copy, which includes advertising. All of the font families are available in a variety of styles and weights to provide the designer greater flexibility in creating the appropriate tone for different types of communications.

Advertising created by University Communications uses the Verlag family of fonts.

The University's web template uses Roboto Regular and Roboto Bold or Italic for headlines and emphasis.

When creating text for the web, email or other electronic communications, appropriate substitutions, if necessary, are Arial Narrow (manually condensed at 85%) and Arial Black.

When it appears as a word mark, It’s all here uses Univers Light Ultra Condensed. No substitutions are to be used.

Brand Type samples