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Flex Online Lessons

FLEX Packages are for music students of all ages – youth through adult! They provide a convenient and flexible way to enrich you and/or your child’s life with music.

Here is how it works:

  • Download the registration form
  • Complete the Student and Contact Info section
  • Select Online Lessons
  • Indicate the Instrument/Voice/Composition lesson you want
  • Select the length of lesson you want
  • Select the Flex Package that is right for you
  • Email us your completed registration form

Upon receipt of your registration form the Extension Division office will make arrangements to have a faculty member contact you via email to establish a lesson schedule.

Lesson Length Cost per lesson 5 Lessons 10 Lessons 15 Lessons
15-minutes $30 per lesson $150 $300 $450
30-minutes $45 per lesson $225 $450 $675
45-minutes $60 per lesson $300 $600 $900
60-minutes $80 per lesson $400 $800 $1,200

There is a $25 registration fee added to the total cost of the initial lesson package

Beginning Fall 2022, there is an additional 5% fee added to the total semester cost if paying by credit card.  Amount will be indicated on invoice/bill.

What happens in the event you complete the lessons in the initial package and want to purchase another package of lessons? No problem – No additional registration fees – We’re Flexible!

Virtual private lessons are available for piano, strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, voice and composition.

REGISTRATION: Please email us your completed registration form: musicprep@montclair.edu

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