Cali Pathways Project

The Cali School of Music at Montclair State University aims to create dynamic and comprehensive pathways to higher education and careers in music 

Help fund scholarships for underserved student musicians.


Identify young motivated students and assist them in breaking down the barriers that may otherwise preclude them from achieving their full musical potential.

Through the generosity of our donors, the Cali School will ensure that these students have the educational
and musical resources to advance their goals.

This support may include:

  • Acquisition of a musical instrument
  • Private instruction
  • Master classes and workshops
  • Mentoring
  • Tuition aid to summer camps
  • On-campus activities at MSU
  • Travel expenses to and from instruction
  • Need and merit based scholarship to the Cali School of Music


To become a CPP Young Artist, a student should:

  • Be a rising underserved 8th-12th grader with an aptitude for and dedication to music (any instrument or voice type)
  • Preferably intend to be a music performance or music education major in college.
  • Be nominated by their school music teacher or ensemble director.

For more information:
Email Tomoko Fujita, Cali Pathways Project Coordinator, at

Nominations are closed for Fall 2023.



About Cali Pathways Project

The Cali School of Music at Montclair State University aims to create dynamic and comprehensive pathways to higher education and careers in music for underserved student musicians.

Our Mission

How Will We Achieve Change

CALI PATHWAYS PROJECT is determined to overcome the barriers that can prevent underserved students from realizing their full musical potential, allowing them to pursue a career in music if they so choose. By providing a suitable instrument, access to high-level instruction, extra-curricular opportunities, and more, all at no cost – students from underserved backgrounds will benefit from the mentorship of Cali School faculty & alumni to receive all that the School of Music has to offer. Starting in their freshman year of high school, access to these resources and instruction will prepare students for the demands of higher education.


Our Need

We Cannot Succeed Without You

As lofty as our aspirations are, we know that we cannot succeed without engaging the community. In order to succeed in making a difference in the lives of future musicians, CALI PATHWAYS PROJECT is looking for your support. 


An Invitation for Investment

Below are opportunities that will make a lasting impact:

  • $25,000 ensures one year’s tuition and room and board at Montclair State University
  • $15,000 ensures one year’s tuition at Montclair State University
  • $7,500 ensures one semester tuition free at Montclair State University
  • $5,000 will provide a student with one year of private instruction or the unique opportunity of an immersive musical experience at a summer camp or festival
  • $2,500 will provide an instrument that will take a student to and through college, and beyond
  • $1,000 will facilitate a student’s travel to/from music instruction

For additional information about giving to the Pathways Project,
please contact Helene Barsamian, Director of Development at 973-655-3440 or

Donate to Cali Pathways Project


How does one apply for the Cali Pathways Project?

Students must be nominated by their school music teacher or ensemble director using this form on our website. Once nominated, selected students will be invited for an audition and interview.

What instruments are included in the Cali Pathways Project?

We will accept nominations for all instruments and voice types offered at The Cali School. More information about majors here.

How are students supported through their pathway?

A Personalized Support Plan will be developed and adjusted yearly to assist students on their pathway towards acceptance to one of our programs at the Cali School of Music or other 4-year institutions of higher education. This may include financial, musical, academic, and social support.

What is expected of students in the Cali Pathways Project?

Student progress will be monitored through multiple check-ins, performances in masterclasses, and in our Spring Showcase. Students will be expected to attend concerts and other events on campus at Montclair State (about once a month during the school year). Meeting performance and participation benchmarks are a condition for remaining in the program. Parental/caregiver involvement in the development of the Personalized Support Plan and parental/caregiver attendance at other CPP events is highly encouraged but not required.

Are students required to study with a certain teacher?

No. If a student is accepted into the program and already has a private teacher, it is only part of Cali Pathway Project’s policy to support and enhance that relationship and all other commitments (youth bands/orchestras, school music programs) that student may have prior to entering our Program.

For more information:
Email Tomoko Fujita, Cali Pathways Project Coordinator, at