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Broadway Songs for Instrumentalists

Broadway Songs for Instrumentalists brings students into the magical world of Broadway and makes them instrumental stars!  Students learn and delve into various popular Broadway songs while enhancing their own musicianship, lyricism and creativity.  Through their instruments, students learn how to emote and shape the lyric meaning and musical settings of the stories told within the songs.  They are encouraged to create variations, ornamentations and improvisations as they develop an understanding of the harmonic structure of these songs. Join Broadway musician and music educator J.J. Johnson on this vibrant fun journey exploring Broadway magic!

Instruments: Any
Requirements: Completion of Suzuki Book 3 or equivalent.
Thursdays, 5:00 – 6:00 PM. 10-weeks
Start Date:  March 4
Instructor: J.J. Johnson
Cost: $185
All activities take place on Zoom

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