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Back of the Hawk Statue

There is one thing that college students crave above all else. More than food, more than sleep, more than wi-fi that is both fast and free, we as people strive to have an identity. It’s why we define ourselves and label ourselves by the way we look, or the things we enjoy. Whether we proudly proclaim, “I’m Italian-American!” or “I’m a Yankee fan!” or “I’m a city boy!”, we wear those identities as badges of honor, because they help us to belong, help people to understand us…but most importantly, they help us to understand ourselves. Saying “I’m an optimist” gives you a blueprint of how to act and think as you go about your day, albeit only subconsciously.

It’s the reason so many personality tests and self-assessments exist out there: the more we know about ourselves and our identity, the more effective we can be as workers, as students, as friends and brothers and sisters and leaders. One of the most well-known in the world of millennials is the official Sorting-Hat Quiz on Pottermore, devised by author JK Rowling to tell us muggles which of the four Hogwarts houses we would be sorted into.

For those of us who aren’t familiar, you can take the official Sorting Hat quiz.

For those who are, you may be wondering, “What does my Hogwarts house say about my leadership style?” There is actually a fascinating parallel between the descriptions of the Hogwarts houses and the 4 personality types of the DiSC Assessment Test, a highly regarded professional assessment quiz used by students and employers alike to determine someone’s strengths and weaknesses in a group or as a leader. Read our analysis of the types and houses below:

If You Are a Slytherin Leader… you probably get a really bad rap. Slytherins are associated with Malfoy and Voldemort and Snape and…well, you get the idea. But Slytherins are completely misunderstood. The Slytherin correlates with the D, or Dominant, type. Your type is a bottom-line, big picture sort of leader that is always setting and striving toward goals. You are excited by new challenges, and more than anything, you love to win! You are motivated by recognition, rewards, and being on top, and you always keep your eyes on the prize. You probably hate being bossed, because you prefer to be the boss, and in a crisis, no one thrives better under pressure than you. Constant self-improvement is a way of life for you, because being the best means being better than yourself, too. Your biggest weakness as a leader is that you often forget about the people-aspect of life: you don’t always value the feelings or opinions of the people who work under or around you, so you often seem cold or uncaring. You aren’t interested in personal relationships; you’re interested in prestige. So as a leader, be sure to listen to those around you, watch for harsh tones and body language, and you will be so much more likely to taste that sweet success.

If You Are a Gryffindor Leader… you’re pretty much famous. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were in Gryffindor, and they were the good guys and the winners. Gryffs for life! But as a leader, you actually have a lot in common with Slytherins. The Gryffindor type correlates to the I (inspirational) type, which, much like the D, is super competitive and driven by a love of the spotlight. You don’t like rules and you love to win. You even do more talking than listening. But while Slytherins are less likely to involve others in their leadership technique, you draw your strength from people! Your enthusiasm and friendliness is a beacon of motivation to the other types, and you believe in solid teams to get the job done. You are all about relationships: creating them, building them, maintaining them, and using them to be more successful. Your creative problem solving skills and warm sense of humor help to keep everyone under your leadership from being overwhelmed with pressure, and help to keep stress from intruding, because you as the leader are not taking anything too seriously or freaking out as the deadline approaches. You are flexible for the needs of others…sometimes too flexible. Your biggest leadership flaw is that sometimes you pay more attention to people power and less attention to actually moving forward and staying organized and completing tasks. It is possible to do both, so stay focused, and don’t let your fear of rejection hold you back.

If You Are a Hufflepuff Leader… you may get frequently overlooked, which is a shame, because you are a gem of a leader. The Hufflepuff correlates with the S type, steady. Your biggest goals are comfort and harmony and routine, so at first glance, you may not look like the “leader” type. However, when you are given a goal, you push through and see it to the finish, stubbornly refusing to give in or quit. You do not like conflict or resentment, and you make it your personal mission to ensure that everyone on your team is getting along and working together. You are also brimming with patience, and you’re always ready to lend an ear to your team members, whether they have suggestions or just need to vent. Your multitasking is the stuff of legend, and you are generous to those with whom you share loyalty. With you, others always come first. You are a determined people-person, and who doesn’t want to work for someone like that? Be proud of who you are as a leader- because there is just one thing you need to work on as a leader: your self-confidence! You can be prone to anxiety over change, over infighting, and you don’t always want to take the initiative until you are comfortable. Don’t be afraid to take the next step.

If You Are a Ravenclaw Leader… you are the smarty-pants of the leadership world. The bookworm, the know-it-all, the fact person; if a team needs a leader with a clue, they go to you! The Ravenclaw is the final DiSC type, the Conscientious C. You do everything with accuracy and precision, and you always look before you leap. When working toward your goals, you are detail-oriented, and a careful researcher. You will only accept the highest standards of excellence for yourself as well as those under and around you. You approach problems by analysis, and your even-temper keeps your team level-headed enough to see and think clearly. You are always prepared, and stay true to finishing your commitments. You often prefer to work alone because, like the Hufflepuff, you shy away from confrontation. As a leader, you provide your team with logic and perspective, and keep their ideas as realistic as possible. You prefer to have boundaries and procedures guiding your actions. But watch out- too many boundaries will lead you down the path of one huge leadership flaw: you are too cautious. In interpersonal relationships, this caution comes across as coldness and criticism. In decision making, it comes across as hesitant uncertainty. Try to be more aware of the big picture, and of the people trying their hardest to help you succeed, and keep moving forward.

Take a free, basic DiSC Assessment, and see if it matches your Hogwarts house!