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Maslow in Action at Montclair State

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According to Deloitte’s annual Millennial Survey, less than 25% of us consider ourselves to be “strong” leaders. In fact, it seems as though we think of leadership skills as being something beyond us, a far-away skill just beyond our reach that only a chosen few are capable of having. The truth is different. With the right education and self-awareness, anyone can become a leader!

In 1943, Psychologist Abraham Maslow published his theory of the now-renowned concept of the Hierarchy of Needs. The theory focused on a pyramid of steps detailing needs to be fulfilled and climbed over, at the top of which sat self-actualization. We believe that same hierarchy can be applied to student leadership. Are you interested in being a leader, and training in one of our programs to hone and develop your leadership talent? Make sure you’re ready!

  • PHYSIOLOGICAL: Food, water, sleep- the first step on Maslow’s Pyramid is personal health! Where is the dining hall? The health center? Learn how to manage your time efficiently so that you can get plenty of rest. Drink lots of water, and walk as much as possible. There are several locations on campus where you can work out and get fit for free! And don’t forget about CAPS, The Counseling and Psychological Services program to keep you mentally fit, too. Your body will thank you, and your mind will be ready to focus and conquer anything!
  • SAFETY: Feeling secure on campus is step two. Having a safety net in place will inspire you to take risks and challenge yourself, and every challenge will help you grow into your full potential. Get in touch with your advisors; create friendly dialogues with your teachers; bond with your RA; add Campus Safety to your contacts; and check out all the resources for help on campus that are available to you when you need them!
  • LOVE/BELONGING: Once you build your support system, it’s time to create a place to belong. Here at LDCC, we offer the chance to meet one-on-one and get to know you, so we can point you in the right direction of clubs and groups where you would be a great fit. But we’re not the only option! Bond with your roommates, talk with your classmates, create a study-and-snack group. And don’t forget to call your parents!
  • ESTEEM: This fourth step is all about feeling accomplished and having self-respect. Celebrate your victories! Set goals for yourself every week and when you reach them, enjoy your success and build on it. Write down the positive things that happen during the week and keep the list somewhere you can see it. It’s great to have others believe in you, but better to believe in yourself!
  • SELF-ACTUALIZATION: You did it! You are a healthy, well-adjusted, and accomplished student! Having successfully led yourself, you might be ready to lead others. Stop by the Leadership Development and Campus Connections office to learn more about how to get involved. You’re ready for us, and we’ve been waiting for you!