University Hall

Meet the E-Board

The National Society for Leadership and Success has a seven-member executive board to ensure that the program runs smoothly so that students can get the most out of their membership! The E-Board is made up of exceptional NSLS students. If you have any questions, come say hi!

Kayla Middleton – President 

Major: Child Advocacy 

Minor: Social Work 

Minor: Art and Design 

& Makeup Artistry Certification 

Joined NSLS my Sophomore Year / spring 2019

Michelle Zerelik – Vice President

Major: Family Science & Human Development 

Concentration: Family Services

Area of Emphasis: Speech Language Pathology & Audiology  

Joined NSLS my Junior year

Ashley Addison – Social Media Coordinator

Major: Business Administration w/ Marketing Concentration

Minor: Economics and Sales Certification

Joined NSLS my Junior year

Victoria Alfano – Membership Progress Coordinator

Major: Biology 

Minor: Chemistry 

Joined NSLS in the spring of 2019

Kyle Kulikowski – Special Event Coordinator

Major: TVDM

Minor: Public and Professional Writing

Joined NSLS my Sophomore year.

Jenisa Esteras-Santana – SNT Coordinator

Major: Family Science and Human Development 

Minor: Child Advocacy and Policy

Joined NSLS my Sophomore Year