Borrower Services: Faculty & Graduate Reading Room

The Faculty & Graduate Student Reading Room (Room # 044), is located to the left as you exit the elevator in the South wing of the Lower Level, opposite the Juvenile Books collection. Use of the Room is restricted to Montclair State University Faculty and Graduate Students.

Faculty and Graduate Students must present their current, validated University ID card at the Access Services Counter in order to be issued a special ID card to gain entrance to the Reading Room. The special ID cards are issued on a first come first serve basis.

The special ID card used for this purpose will be charged out as a Reserve Room item using your Montclair State University ID, as you would charge out a book.

Before you leave the Library, return the card to the Access Services Counter. The card must be returned before the Library closes.

If the special ID card is lost, the patron to whom it was checked out will be charged the same fee charged by the Montclair State ID Office for replacement of a MSU ID card.