Holds & Recalls


All patrons can place Holds on books that are available in the Library and books currently checked out to other patrons at the Circulation Desk, via email or online. To place Holds online, you must first perform a search in the Sprague Library Catalog. At the 'Search Results' list display, click on the title of the item you want to place a Hold on. Then, click on the 'Place Hold' button that displays to the right of the screen. Enter your MSU Net ID  and your password to log into your account, then click 'Submit' when prompted to place a Hold. The system will advise you that a Hold has been placed on the desired material.  Patrons will be notified when desired items are available for their use. Items on Hold will be kept at the Circulation Desk until claimed for ten (10) days*, after which they will be returned to the collection.

Patrons can also cancel Holds online by selecting the Sign In' link on the Sprague Library Catalog Web page. Enter your MSU Net ID  and your password to log into your account, then click 'My Account' and select the Holds tab. Remove the Holds you want to cancel by clicking on the 'Remove' button and confirming that you want to cancel the Hold request. The system will advise you that your Holds have been cancelled.


The Library can recall books in circulation if needed for Reserves or requested by another patron. Patrons can request that the Library recall books only at the Circulation Desk. Recalled books must be returned without delay. Failure to return books that have been recalled will result in the suspension of borrowing privileges.

 *Books in the Pop Picks collection will be held for only seven (7) days.

Last Updated January 16, 2018