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The Harry A. Sprague Library has been a selective Federal Documents depository since 1967. As a member of the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP), the Library collects documents on a wide range of topics from the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government to support the Montclair State University curriculum.  Agencies that are well represented include the Departments of Commerce, Housing & Urban Development, Justice, Labor, State, and the Treasury. In addition, we procure many Federal Reserve Bank and Government Accounting Office (GAO) documents.  The MSU collection is especially strong in the areas of environmental management, health and human services, education, and business. Sprague Library's government documents are available for public use in the library. However, borrowing is limited to faculty, staff, and students and valid guest and community borrowers at Montclair State University.

Research Guides:

1. Federal Government Resources
2. International Government Information
3. New Jersey Government Information Resources
4. Statistical Resources Guide
5. United Nations Resources Guide
6. U. S. Census Demographic Data

Contact Us:

At (973)655-7145, Government Documents Department, Harry A. Sprague Library, Montclair State University.

Department Head: Darren Sweeper, (973)655-7145,