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Last Modified December 19, 2016

1998 Proceedings (by Decision Sciences Institute)
CD-ROM no.189

A guitarra limpia
CD-ROM no.398

A passion of Art
CD-ROM no.396

About face
Cd-ROM no.358

Access 97
CD-ROM no.114, (volumes 1-6)

AFB Directory
CD-ROM no.200

Allan D'Arcangelo
CD-ROM no.359

American Colleges (2005)
CD-ROM no.244

American masters of stone (2 copies)
CD-ROM no.360

Ancient Civilizations of the Mediterranean [interactive multimedia]
CD-ROM no.112

Ancient Greece (Vol. 1)
CD-ROM no.196

Ancient Rome (Vol. 2)
CD-ROM no.196

Archivo Nacional de Cuba(2 copies)
CD-ROM no.403

ARCO CollegeEdge
CD-ROM no.218

Art & Music: The Baroque
CD-ROM no.28

Art & Music: The Eighteenth Century
CD-ROM no.30

Art & Music: The Impressionism
CD-ROM no.32

Art & Music: The Medieval Era
CD-ROM no.27

The Baroque (Vol. 5)
CD-ROM no.196

Basic business statistics
CD-ROM no.396

Beethoven,Schubert and more
CD-ROM no.411

CD-ROM no.175

Carmen Herrera
CD-ROM no.354

Ceramic art of North Carolina
Cd-ROM no.366

Chameleons 2
CD-ROM no.194

Chase 's Calendar of Events
CD-ROM no.93

CD-ROM no.401

Chronicle Encyclopedia of History
CD-ROM no.142

Chronicle of the 20th Century
CD-ROM no.143

Chronology of the United States
CD-ROM no.113

Communication arts
CD-ROM no.408

Complete Guide to Young Adult Literature
CD-ROM no.255

CLEP success(2 copies)
CD-ROM no.394

Complete Illustrated Catalogue
CD-ROM no.127

The Comprehensive Shakespeare Dictionary
CD-ROM no.139

The Computer Desktop Encyclopedia
CD-ROM no.235

Computer Graphics. Proceedings CD-ROM: Annual Conference Series
CD-ROM no.16

Computer Literature Index (1996-99)
CD-ROM no.238

Computer Music Journal Sound Anthology
CD-ROM no.250

Congressional Quarterly's Politics in America
CD-ROM no.122

Cross roads of American sculpture
CD-ROM no.357

Destination imagination
CD-ROM no.359

Diccionario de biografaias
CD-ROM no.393

Diccionario ilustrado oceano de la lengua espanola
CD-ROM no.392

The Directory of Video, Multimedia & Audio-Visual Products.
CD-ROM no.91

Early American History
CD-ROM no.197

ECB Interactive
CD-ROM no.215

Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western art
CD-ROM no.355

Enciclopedia practica de la contabilidad
CD-ROM no.390

Encyclopedia of Associations
CD-ROM no.174

Engineering statistic handbook
CD-ROM no.389

The Enlightenment (Vol. 6)
CD-ROM no.196

Excel 97
CD-ROM no.109, volumes 1-5

Eye on the Budget - update
CD-ROM no.13

Four hands, one heart
Cd-ROM no.353

The Genesis of the Civil War
CD-ROM no.388

Greene Robertson's Rubbings of Maya Sculpture
CD-ROM no.254

CD-ROM no.399

Healthcare in the U.S.A.
CD-ROM no.234

Hemingway de Cuba, El
CD-ROM no.400

Hungarian political system
CD-ROM no.345

The Illustrated Book of the World Rankings
CD-ROM no.136

Independent curators
CD-ROM no.362

Interactive Concepts in Biology
CD-ROM no.102

Java Database Programming With JDBC
CD-ROM no.78

Jim Hodges
CD-ROM no.349

Journal of Experimental Biology
CD-ROM no.249

Journal of Music Therapy 1964 to 2003
CD-ROM no.377

Justice talking
CD-ROM no.407

CD-ROM no.248

Larousse multimedia...
CD-ROM no.395

Mafia en Cuba, La (2 copies)
CD-ROM no.406

Merriam-Webster's Medical Desk Dictionary
CD-ROM no.232

Methods in Enzymology Index
CD-ROM no.44

Metropolitan Museum of Art Presents the Hours of Jeanne d'Evreux
CD-ROM no.222

Mexico en Breve
CD-ROM no.410

Microsoft Access 97/Visual Basic
CD-ROM no.117

Microsoft Press Computer Dictionary
CD-ROM no.134

The Middle Age (V.3)
CD-ROM no.196

Musee imaginaire d'Emile
CD-ROM no.409

National Geographic (1888-1909) V.1
CD-ROM no.243

National Geographic (1910) V.2
CD-ROM no.243

National Geographic (1920) V.3
CD-ROM no.243

National Geographic (1930) V.4
CD-ROM no.243

National Geographic (1940) V.5
CD-ROM no.243

National Geographic (1950) V.6
CD-ROM no.243

National Geographic (1960) V.7
CD-ROM no.243

National Geographic (1970) V.8
CD-ROM no.243

National Geographic (1980) V.9
CD-ROM no.243

National Geographic (1990) V.10
CD-ROM no.243

National Palace Museum
CD-ROM no.182, (volumes 1-5)

New Mormon Studies CD-ROM : a Comprehensive Resource Library
CD-ROM 167

The Norton CD-ROM Masterworks Demonstration Disc
CD-ROM no.65

Office 2000
CD-ROM no.229

On Common Ground : World Religions In America
CD-ROM no.88

Parallels in Time; the Learning Center PT.1-2
CD-ROM no.236

Peterson's Interactive Academic Options
CD-ROM no.103

Plasmodium genome
CD-ROM no.397

Plunkett's E-Commerce & Internet Business Almanac
CD-ROM no.239

Power and Responsibility
CD-ROM no.252

Pre-Modern ERA (V.8)
CD-ROM no.196

Proceedings:safety 2002
CD-ROM no.402

Puerto Ricans in the USA
CD-ROM no.263

The Renaissance (V.4)
CD-ROM no.196

Republic of China Year book (2000)
CD-ROM no.253

Roberto Fernandez Ratamar (2 copies)
CD-ROM no.405

Romanticism (V.7)
CD-ROM no.196

Running Microsoft Access 97
CD-ROM no.118

Smart diccionario Espanol-Inglaes, English-Spanish
CD-ROM no.391

Street Finder
CD-ROM no.198

Student aid audio guide
CD-ROM no.404

Sun pictures to mega-pixels
CD-ROM no.352

Tate Business Directory
CD-ROM no.69

Todo de Cuba
CD-ROM no.221

Total Television: the Comprehensive Guide to Programming from 1948 to the Present
CD-ROM 121

The Twentieth Century (V.9)
CD-ROM no.196

The Ultimate Human Body
CD-ROM no.246

CD-ROM no.247

Visual Proceedings
CD-ROM no.125

Window on Korea
CD-ROM no.26

Word net 1.6 update
CD-ROM no.145

The World's Best Poetry
CD-ROM no.123

Yoga and ancient trees
CD-ROM no.355