Major Microfiche Collections

A list of the major microfiche collections in Sprague Library, Multimedia Resources Department.

Contact Chung Lone, Head of the Multimedia Resources Department (x7153), regarding use.

1980 U.S. Decennial Census Publications Microform (Microfiche no. 344)
This set contains the 1980 Census of Population and Housing, by block, on general characteristics of housing units and population.

Alexander's Magazine (Microfiche no. 347)
This set contains Alexander's Magazine, part of the African American Periodicals in the United States, 1840-1960 collection.

American Theological Library Association (Microfiche no. 165-311)
A multi-volume set of lectures (also known as ATLA) on the topics of women and the Church in America. The original manuscripts are in the Princeton Theological Seminary Library.

Archives Parliementaires de 1787 a 1860 (Microfiche no. 22)
A record of legislative debates for the French parliament from 1787 to 1860.

British Parliamentary Debates, Series 3, 1830-1891 (Microfiche no. 21)
A continuation of The Parliamentary History of England: 1066-1803 (microfilm no. 75).

CIS Microfiche Library (Microfiche no. 335-336)
Texts of Congressional hearings, Committee prints, House and Senate reports, House and Senate documents, executive agencies' annual reports and background information; executive reports and treaty documents, and special publications. The material in this collection is indexed by CIS Indexes and Abstracts, which is located in the Reference Department. The period covered is 1970 to 1998.

CIS U.S. Serial Set (Microfiche Cabinet no. 3a to 3e)
This collection covers the period 1789-1969 and includes the following congressional publications: House and Senate reports and documents, and Senate executive reports and treaty documents.

Columbia University Oral History Collection (Microfiche no. 66)
The 404 memoirs in the collection have been selected from 2,600 interviews. The Columbia University collection is divided into two broad categories--autobiographical memoirs and special projects--and the majority of the memoirs filmed falls into the former category. Subjects covered include the Arts, Education, Politics, Religion, Social Activists and Women Pioneers and Professionals, etc.

Complete Published Works Including Selected Secondary Materials Microfiche Collection / Charles Sanders Peirce (Microfiche no. 337-338)
This set contains Charles Sanders Peirce's complete published works.

Educational Resources Information Center or ERIC (Microfiche Cabinets No. 5-23)
Documents, with abstracts, published by the Educational Research Information Center (ERIC). ERIC includes report literature in the field of education and related fields, including early childhood education and development, interpersonal and social skills, perception and cognition, and tests and measurements. The ERIC collection is indexed in the ERIC database. Many ERIC (ED) documents published in the 1990s are available online in the ERIC database.

Enforcement of the Prohibition Laws (Microfiche no.5)
The official records, published by the Wickersham Commission in 1931, of the National Commission on Law Observance and Enforcement pertaining to its investigation of the facts as to the enforcement, the benefits and the abuses under the prohibition laws, both before and since the adoption of the eighteenth amendment to the Constitution.

Great Britain. Colonial Office, Annual Reports on the Colonies (Microfiche no. 8)
Index to the 1,936 reports contained in Annual Reports on the Colonies. Sprague Library has several reports on microfilm. See the Major Microfilms in Sprague Library guide for a list of the colonial reports.

Gregg Music Sources (Microfiche no. 99)
This is a multi-volume set of music catalogues with indexes. It was published by Newton K. Gregg in 1976.

Human Relations Area File or HRAF (Microfiche Cabinet)
HRAF is a collection of ethnographic and other texts that are indexed by culture and subject. Microfiche reproduction ended in 1991. The classification of these units (including extinct and historical peoples) follows the "Outline of World Culture," in which they are arranged by eight major geographical areas. The primary objective in the selection of these societies has been to build an adequate sample of the world’s cultures for comparative research. Materials distributed after 1991 are available online in the eHRAF databases.

If Elected (Microfiche no. 60)
Portraits and biographical information on unsuccessful candidates for the Presidency, 1796-1968, published by the National Portrait Gallery.

Journal Officiel de la Republique Francais (Microfiche no. 25)
The text of France's national laws and decrees, important administrative orders and proclamations, and parliamentary debates and committee reports for the period from 1869 to 1940.

Library of American Civilization or LAC (Microfiche Cabinet no. 26)
A collection of materials (approximately 20,000 volumes) relating to all aspects of American life and literature from the 15th-century exploration to the outbreak of WWI. Included are pamphlets, periodicals, documents (both public and private), biographies and autobiographies, fictional works, poetry, collections of various kinds, material of foreign origin relating to America, and many rare books. Includes author, title and subject indexes. The titles in the LAC collection are indexed in the Library’s online catalog.

Library of English Literature or LEL (Microfiche Cabinet no. 27)
A collection of literary works (over 2,500 volumes) of Anglo-Saxon, Middle English, Tudor, Elizabethan, Jacobean, etc. and materials of all genres: poetry, drama, essays, prose fiction, and religious, philosophical and critical works. Included are first editions and early imprints, together with significant supplementary materials, bibliographies, letters, critical studies, biographies, and historical accounts. Includes author and title indexes.

Monographs of the United States Geological Survey (Microfiche no. 3 and no. 57)
A forty-volume set published by the U.S. Geological Survey from the period 1885 to 1900.

The Origins of the Cold War (Microfiche no. 329)
The nearly 1500 documents in this substantial collection of primary source material are drawn from major archival holdings and provide a sample of a half-century of Russian-American relations.

Public Statutes at Large (Microfiche no. 24)
This set contains the public statutes at large of the United States of America, from the organization of the Government in 1789, to March 3, 1845.

Publications of the Prince Society of Boston, Massachusetts (Microfiche no. 13)
This is a multi-volume set of colonial period history, ca. 1600-1775, published by the Prince Society of Boston.

Radical Periodicals in the United States 1800-1960: Series I, 1880-1950; Series 2, 1890-1960 (Microfiche no. 347-406)
The first series chronicles the socialist, anarchist, communist, syndicalist, nationalist, pacifist, and feminist movements. It provides source material for understanding the day-to-day thought and action of radicals and protesters from the end of the last century to the middle of the present one.

The second series includes journals of the socialist, anarchist, communist, syndicalist movements as well as splinter groups of the I.W.W. and the Communist Party as well as the voice of the rank-and-file of the American Federation of Labor. Covering several decades, it presents a picture of American radicalism in the 1880s and the 1890s, the pre-World War I decade, the 1920s and the era of the Great Depression leading up to the formation of the C.I.O.

Revolutionary Diplomatic Correspondence of the United States (Microfiche no. 12)
This set was published as a supplement to Wharton's Digest of the international law of the United States, taken from documents issued by presidents and secretaries of state [etc.] Washington, 1886. It was designed to correct, complete and enlarge the Diplomatic correspondence of the American Revolution, Boston, 1829-1830, published by Jared Sparks under the direction of Congress, on August 13, 1888.

Slave Narratives (Microfiche no. 2)
This gives a folk history of slavery in the United States from interviews with former slaves and includes typewritten records prepared by the Federal Writers’ Project, 1936-1938.

Slavery Source Materials (Microfiche no. 4)
Books and pamphlets (438 titles), written before the Civil War by and about African-Americans and about slavery and anti-slavery. It included sermons, poetry, fiction, government documents, and narratives by former slaves.

Tests in Microfiche (Microfiche Cabinet no. 29)
This is a collection of unpublished, non-commercial research instruments published by Educational Testing Service. Indexes provide author, title and subject access.

Trial of the Major War Criminals before the International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg, 14 November 1945-1 October 1946 (Microfiche no. 15)
This forty-two volume set contains the trials of the major German war criminals (i.e. Hermann Goring and 23 others) before the international military tribunal, Nuremburg 14 November 1945–1 October 1946.

University Music Editions

  • Collected Works (Andre Ernest M. Gretry ) (Microfiche no. 50)
  • Collected Works (Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck) (Microfiche no. 37)
  • Collected Works (Johann Hermann Schein) (Microfiche no. 48)
  • Complete Works (Franz Peter Schubert) (Microfiche no. 44)
  • Complete Works (Jean-Phillipe Rameau) (Microfiche no. 52)
  • Complete Works (Mikhail I. Glinka) (Microfiche no. 43)
  • Complete Works (Robert Schumann) (Microfiche no. 38)
  • Denkmaeler Deutscher Tonkunst (Microfiche no. 323)
    (German vocal and instrumental music scores)
  • Denkmaeler Deutscher Tonkunst In Oesterreich. Hrsg. von der Musikgeschichtlichen Kommission (Microfiche no. 324)
    (Austrian vocal and instrumental musical scores)
  • Eight Works, 1750-1790 (Microfiche no.157)
    (eight works dealing with topics such as music composition and piano instruction written by Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg, 1718 - 1795
  • Die Historische Volkslieder der Deutschen vom 13. bis 16. Jahrhundert (Microfiche no. 158)
    (set, compiled between 1865 - 1869, that contains German folk songs and ballads)
  • The Johannes Herbst Collection (Microfiche no. 100)
    (this set contains over a thousand anthems –scores and parts; forty-five oratorios, cantatas and other extended choral works – scores and parts; several volumes of songs and keyboard pieces. It includes music by all of the important Moravian composers to 1812: the Germans – Geisler, Gregor, Freydt; the Englishmen – Latrobe, Gambold, Mortimer; the Americans – Peter, Antes, Bechler, Michael. Also found are non-Moravian composers whose music was much-beloved by Moravian musicians and often served them as models: Hasse, Graun, Homelius, Rolle, and Schulz)
  • Die Melodien der Deutschen Evangelischen Kirchenlieder (Microfiche no. 164)
    (scores of selected Lutheran German Church hymns and chorales by Johannes Zahn)
  • Musikalische Werke / Franz Liszt; Herausgegeben von der Franz Liszt-Stiftung (Microfiche no.36)
    (instrumental music scores of Franz Liszt from 1907-1936)
  • Opera Omnia (Microfiche no.34)
    (scores of Italian madrigals by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestina)
  • Opera Omnia (Microfiche no.39)
    (a collection of the sacred vocal music of Thomae Ludovici Victoria Abulensis)
  • Samtliche Werke (Microfiche no.33)
    (a collection of the instrumental and vocal music of Johannes Brahms)
  • Samtliche Werke. Johann Hermann Schein (Microfiche no.48)
    (a collection of the instrumental and vocal music of Johann Hermann Schein)
  • Samtliche Werke. [Von] Orlando di Lasso (Microfiche no.51)
    (a collection of the instrumental and vocal music of Orlando di Lasso)
  • Werke (Hector Berlioz) (Microfiche no. 42)
  • Werke / Hrsg. von Woldemar Bargiel, Johannes Brahms, August Franchomme, Franz Liszt, Carl Reinecke [und] Ernst Rudorff. (Microfiche no.32)
    (a collection by Frederic Chopin of the instrumental and vocal music of von Woldemar Bargiel, Johannes Brahms, August Franchomme, Franz Liszt, Carl Reinecke and Ernst Rudorff)
  • Werke. (Johann Sebastian Bach) (Microfiche no. 46)
  • Werke. (Ludwig Van Beethoven) (Microfiche no. 41)
  • Werke. Gesamtausgabe der Balladen, Legenden, Lieder und Gesange fur eine Singstimme, im Aufstrage der Loeweschen Familie Carl Loewe (Microfiche no. 49)
    (this set is the complete edition of Carl Loewe and contains ballads, legends, songs, etc.)
  • Werke. Kritische Durchgesehene Gesammtausg. (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) (Microfiche no.45)
    (this set contains scores of vocal music and instrumental music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
  • Werke. / Vollstandige Kritisch Durchgeschene Uberall Berechtige Ausg. (Ludwig van Beethoven) (Microfiche no.41)
    (this set contains the scores of vocal and instrumental music for Ludwig van Beethoven)
  • The works of George Fredreic Handel (Microfiche no. 47)
    (this set contains the scores of vocal and instrumental music for George Friedrich Handel)

University of Chicago's Oriental Institute Publications (Microfiche no. 16-20, 97, 104-121, 163)
This multi-volume set represents the work of the Oriental Institute's Iraq expedition in the Diyala region in 1930 to 1937.

  • Ancient Oriental Seals (Microfiche no. 118)
  • Annals of Sennacherib (Microfiche no. 110)
  • Egyptian Book of the Dead (Microfiche no. 121)
  • Egyptian Coffin Texts (Microfiche no. 111)
  • Hittite Hieroglyphic Monuments (Microfiche no. 117)
  • Material Remains of the Megiddo Cult (Microfiche no. 104)
  • Megiddo 1 (Microfiche no. 105)
  • Megiddo Ivories (Microfiche no. 126)
  • Megiddo Tombs (Microfiche no. 116)
  • Megiddo Water System (Microfiche no. 106)
  • More Sculpture from Diyala Region (Microfiche no. 18)
  • Mounds in the Plain of Antioch (Microfiche no. 120)
  • Nippur I (Microfiche no. 20)
  • Persepolis and Ancient Iran (Microfiche no. 97)
  • Persepolis Treasury Tablets (Microfiche no. 112)
  • Pottery from the Diyala Region (Microfiche no. 17)
  • Pre-Sargonid Temples in the Diyala Region (Microfiche no. 16)
  • Prehistoric Study of Egypt and Western Asia (Microfiche no. 163)
  • Researches in Anatolia I (Microfiche no. 109)
  • Researches in Anatolia II (Microfiche no. 108)
  • Sculpture from Tell Asmar and Khafajah (Microfiche no. 107)
  • Studies in Arabic Literary Papyri (Microfiche no. 119)
  • Sumerian Lexical Texts from the Temple School of Nippur (Microfiche no. 114)
  • Sumerian Texts of Varied Contents (Microfiche no. 113)
  • Tall-I-Bakun A (Microfiche no. 115)
  • Temple Oval at Khafajah (Microfiche no. 19)

The Victoria and Albert Museum Collection (Microfiche no. 160-no. 162)
A collection of catalogues featuring the most important items in the Victoria and Albert Museum, Dept. of Architecture and Sculpture, London. Sprague Library owns three of the departmental collections: Architecture and Sculpture, Furniture and Woodwork, and Metalwork.