Major Microfilm Collections

A list of the major microfilm collections in Sprague Library, Multimedia Resources Department.

Contact Chung Lone, Head of the Multimedia Resources Department (x7153) regarding use.

American Colonial Reports (Microfilm no. 98)
These reports include the Acts of the General Assembly of the Province of New Jersey, from the Surrender of the Government to Queen Anne, on the 17th day of April, in the year of our Lord 1702, to the 14th day of January 1776.

Annals of Congress, v. 1-10 (Microfilm no.53)
A compilation of House and Senate debates and proceedings in Congresses, 1789-1824 that is continued by the Register of Debates in Congress (microfilm no. 53).

The Carter Family Papers, 1659-1797 (Microfilm no. 78)
This is a collection of land documents and correspondence of the Carter family; and diaries of Landon Carter and Wormely Carter that are in the Sabine Hall Collection at the University of Virginia Library.

Checklist of U.S. Public Documents, 1789-1970: Indexes (Microfilm no.76)
A multi-volume set of the Superintendent of Documents public documents shelflists and accompanying indexes.

Cobbett’s Parliamentary History of England: 1066-1803, volumes 1-36 (Microfilm no. 75)
"Proceedings in the Parliament of Scotland, from the meeting of the new parliament on the 6th of May, 1706, to the union with England, in the year 1707."

Congressional Globe (Microfilm no. 53)
Congressional reports from the period 1833 to 1873. Preceded by the Register of Debates in Congress (microfilm no. 53) and continued by the Congressional Record (filed with periodicals on microfilm).

Dissertation Abstracts (Microfilm no. 112, 266/6, 270/4, 270/21)
A collection of abstracts of doctoral dissertations and monographs for volumes 1-32B, 1938-June 1972.

Dunbar Collection (Microfilm no. 278)
A collection of the Paul Laurence Dunbar and Alice Dunbar Nelson papers, 1873 to 1942, comprising approximately 10,000 items.

Editorial Research Reports (Microfilm no.136)
Each Editorial Research Report treats a subject that is in the news or likely to be in the news in the near future. The importance of the subject and major issues, an examination of background, and possible future developments are discussed. The microfilm covers the period from January 1955 to December 1972.
(Newer reports available online -- now known as CQ Researcher)

Fact-finding Commission on Columbia Disturbances/ Proceedings (Microfilm no. 55)
22 volumes proceedings of the Cox Commission testimony for the Columbia University disturbances in 1968.

FBI Files (Microfilm 279-281, 309)
Documents declassified from the FBI's surveillance of the following people and groups.

Malcolm X (Microfilm no. 309)
Paul Robeson (Microfilm no. 279)
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (Microfilm no. 280)
Reverend Jesse Jackson (Microfilm no. 281)

Great Britain. Colonial Office. Reports
Iraq, 1920-1932 (Microfilm no. 94)
Cameroons, 1920-38 (Microfilm no. 67)
Palestine and Trans-Jordan, 1920-1938 (Microfilm no. 62)Tanganyka, (Microfilm no. 95)
Tongoland, 1920-1938 (Microfilm no.68)
Union of South Africa Report on Southwest Africa, 1918-1938 (Microfilm no. 63)

Herstory (Microfilm no. 74)
More than 400 titles assembled from the holdings of the International Women's History (Periodical) Archive at the Women's History Research Center, the collection comprises 821 newsletters, journals and newspapers published by and about women's liberation, civic, professional, religious and peace groups. Most of the material included was published between 1968 and 1974; some titles, however, date back as far as 1956.

Immigrant in America (Microfilm no. 314)
The collection of 264 microfilm reels is a gift of the Coccia Institute at Montclair State University.  "Under the guidance of A. William Hoglund...the collection has been assembled from several major archives including the New York Public Library, the...Balch Institute in Philadelphia, and the Immigration History Research Center at the University of Minnesota."

Italian Books Before 1601 (Microfilm no. 100)
This collection is based on, but not restricted to, titles in the British Museum's Short-Title Cataglous, and includes important fifteenth and sixteenth century printed books in all fields that were printed or written in Italian before 1601. (reels 1-201)

Italian Books, 1601-1700 (Microfilm no. 101)
This collection includes material in all fields but focuses on significant source books, basic editions for textual studies, and other cornerstone titles.

Journals of the Continental Congress 1774-1789, volumes 1-14 (Microfilm no. 69)
The Journals and Records of the Continental Congress supplemented by information gathered from the endorsements made upon papers and reports put before Congress.

Kinesiology Publications
Allows keyword and author access to the Health, Physical Education and Recreation, Dance, Exercise and Sport Sciences Microfilm Publications collection, a microfiche collection of dissertations and theses in these areas.

New York Philharmonic Program Notes (Microfilm no.108)
This multi-volume set covers Season 1-132, 1842-1974 and includes a composer, conductor, and artist index.

Newark Academy (Microfilm no. 274)
Minutes of the Board of Trustees for the Newark Academy dating back to 1792.

Papers of Albert Gallatin (Microfilm no. 57)
The papers of Albert Gallatin (1761-1849), Secretary of the Treasury for Presidents Jefferson and Madison.

Papers of the American Association for Labor Legislation, 1905-1943 (Microfilm no.97)
This collection of 71 microfilm reels is part of the manuscript collections of the Labor Management Documentation Center, New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University.

The Parliamentary History of England from the Earliest Period to the Year 1803 by William Cobbett, volumes 1-36 (Microfilm no.75)
This is a retrospective compilation of debates in the House of Commons and Lords. This collection is continued by Parliamentary Debates (Microfiche no. 21).

Paul Laurence Dunbar Collection SEE Dunbar Collection (Microfilm no. 278)

Proceedings / Democratic Party National Convention (Microfilm no. 70)
Proceedings for 1832-1956 of the Democratic National Conventions, providing gavel to gavel coverage, including speeches, debates, votes, and party platforms. Also included are lists of names and addresses of convention delegates and alternates. The records of earliest proceedings are based in part on contemporary newspaper accounts.

Proceedings of the Fact Finding Commission (Microfilm no.55)
Transcript of the testimony set before the commission (May 7, 1968) charged with investigating the events leading up and the underlying causes of the disturbances on the campus of Columbia University, New York that occurred in the 1960s.

Proceedings of the Republican National Convention (Microfilm no.71)
Proceedings for 1856-1960 of the Republican National Conventions, providing gavel to gavel coverage of the conventions, including speeches, debates, votes, and party platforms. Also included are lists of names and addresses of convention delegates and alternates. The records of the earliest proceedings are based in part on contemporary newspaper accounts.

Register of Debates in Congress, volumes 1-14 (Microfilm no. 53)
A compilation of summaries of congressional debates from 1825-1837. Preceded by the Annals of Congress (microfilm no. 53) and continued by the Congressional Globe (microfilm no. 53).

Reports of the League of Nations
Pacific Basin & New Guinea, 1914/21-1938 (Microfilm no. 103)New Zealand: Mandated Territory of Western Samoa, 1920/21-1925 (Microfilm no. 104)
Second Annual Report on Japan’s Mandated Territory, 1921 (Microfilm no. 105)
Report on the Administration of Nauru 1920/21 (Microfilm no. 106)
Syria and Libya , 1922/3-1938 (Microfilm no. 96)
Tanganyika Territory (Microfilm no. 95)

Schomburg Collection of Negro Literature and History: A Selection of Titles (Microfilm no.80-83, 109, 281-308)
New York Public Library’s library and archive of materials on all aspects of Black history, arts, and civilization International in scope, it includes books by authors of African descent, regardless of subject matter or language and all significant materials about people of African descent. Approximately 60 periodicals and 125 works and collections of works relating to Black culture are included in the first series. Some of the titles include:

Calendar of the Manuscripts in the Schomburg Collection of Negro Literature (Microfilm no. 83)
Liberator (Microfilm no. 283 and 299)
Messenger (Microfilm no. 286)
Muhammed Speaks (Microfilm no. 295)
New Nigerian (Microfilm no. 294)
Rebellion Record (Microfilm no. 80)
A Selection of Titles, Series II (Microfilm no. 109)
Workers Voice (Microfilm no. 285)
Works by Charles Waddell Chesnutt, 1899-1905, volumes 1-7 (Microfilm no. 81)
The Writings of William Wells Brown, 1815-1884 (Microfilm no. 82)

The Soviet Union, 1946-1976 (Microfilm no. 275)
CIA Research Reports on the military activity of the Soviet Union published in 1982.

Third Party Presidential Nominating Conventions, Proceedings, Records, Etc.(Microfilm no. 73)
Includes proceedings from the American Party, 1856, 1888; the Anti-Masonic Party, 1830-1836; the Constitutional Union Party, 1860, 1869; Free Soil Party, 1848-1852; Greenback Party, 1876-1884, Liberty Party, 1840-1852.

United States Decennial Census Publications, 1790-1970 (Microfilm no.77)
U.S. Census reports conducted every ten years by the Federal Government.

US Military Intelligence Reports: Surveillance of Radicals in the United States, 1917-1941 (Microfilm no. 272)
The selections for this publication are drawn from two series of National Archives and Records Service Record Group 165: primarily from file series 10110 and, to a lesser extent, from file series 10058. Taken together, these two file series contain the most significant reports on American radicals between 1917 and 1941 in the records of the Military Intelligence Division.

Wright American Fiction Collection, 1774 - 1900 (Microfilm no. 112)
The Wright Collection, based on Lyle Wright's bibliography of American fiction, is a microfilm collection of American editions of prose fiction written by Americans (or who claim the United States as their home) and published between 1774 and 1900. The collection contains over 10,827 titles and the volumes in the collection have been filmed in their entirety. The type of prose included are novels, romances, tales, short stories, fictitious biographies, travels, sketches, allegories, and tract-like tales. The indexes provide author, title and chronological access to the collection.