Microform Reader/Printers and Scanner

The Multimedia Resources Department has several microform reader/printers available to make copies from microfilm and microfiche for patrons. Some of our new microform readers as well as a scanner can be used either to send information through e-mail or saved it on any kind of storage e.g., flash drive.

For students:

Microform copies cost 10 cents per page. Patrons are encouraged to bring dimes or $1 bills. Sometimes, because of heavy use, we cannot guarantee the availability of change. The scanner service for microfilm/fiche is free.

For faculty and staff:

Each faculty and staff member would be limited to requesting up to three articles or 50 pages per week .

This would be no charge and turn around time - one week only for periodicals on microfilm owned by MSU.

The copied material will be sent to the requester through campus mail/e-mail.

Faculty and staff may copy items by completing "Microfilm Copying Service Request Form"

Any questions on the use of the microform reader/printers may be directed to the Multimedia Resources Department staff at 973-655-5119.


-rev. 11/1/16