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Borrowing Periodicals
MSU faculty (including adjuncts), staff, graduate assistants, and doctoral students can borrow periodicals out of the Library.

An MSU ID bearing the current year's validation sticker is needed to borrow a periodical.

Borrowers are responsible for all items taken out of the Library on their MSU ID. Borrowing privileges will be suspended until overdue items are returned.

Periodicals can be borrowed for 5 days with no renewals. A total of 5 items can be charged-out at one time.

Current issues in the Magazines On Display section cannot be charged-out.


Recommending New Periodical Subscriptions
We welcome recommendations and suggestions from MSU faculty (including adjuncts) and staff for new periodical titles to add to our collection.

To request a periodical subscription please email Ed Gil, Periodicals Librarian, at

You will be notified either via e-mail or phone of the disposition of your recommendation.


Visit Us
The Periodicals staff look after the journals in the Library. The Periodicals Office is located on the main floor in front of the Photocopy Room and is staffed seven days a week during the academic school year. Click here to find out about the Library's hours.

Contact Us
At (973) 655-5270, Periodicals Department, Harry A. Sprague Library, Montclair State University.

Department Head: Eduardo Gil, (973) 655-5286,