Print Reserves

What are Print Reserves?

Print Reserves is a temporary collection of materials that support the Montclair State University curriculum. Items in the Print Reserves collection are set apart from the rest of the Library’s collection by the Access Services Department at the request of Faculty for educational, research, or scholarly use by their students.

The Library's Reserves collection of print materials is located behind the Circulation Desk in the lobby on the Main Level. Print materials in the Reserves collection may include, but are not limited to, library books, personal copies of books, and photocopied materials (e.g., course syllabi, lecture notes, problem sets, sample exams, study guides, etc.) These items are available during Library service hours.

Reserves Information for Students


  • Only Montclair State University students can access materials in the Library’s Print and Electronic Reserves collections.

Borrowing Print Reserves

  • Students must be registered in the Library’s circulation system to borrow items from the Print Reserves collection. When checking out materials, a current, valid Montclair State University ID must be presented at the Circulation Desk.
  • Students can locate desired materials by searching the online reserves catalog. Reserve material may be searched by Instructor' name, Course Name or Course Number. Access Services Department staff will retrieve the material. Two (2) items can be borrowed simultaneously. Reserves on two (2) hour loan may not be removed from the Library. Reserves must be returned to the Circulation Desk.

Reserves Information for Faculty


  • Montclair State faculty can request that the Library designate certain course related materials as Reserves.

General Procedures: All Items

  • Initiate the process of requesting items for Reserves by completing and submitting the online Print Reserves Request Form. The print version of the Form is available at the Circulation Desk or by requesting it via e-mail at circreserves@mail.montclair.eduPlease fill out all the fields on the form otherwise processing may be delayed.
  • Submit the Reserves Request Form and materials at least two (2) weeks before the assigned reading date to ensure that items are available when needed by the students. Bring personal copies of Reserves Materials to the Circulation Desk for processing. Access Services staff will pull Sprague Library-owned materials from the stacks and relocate them to the Print Reserves shelves. Materials will be processed in the order in which they are received. Additional items can be submitted throughout the semester.
  • Adhere to the University’s Copyright and Duplication Policy when submitting items for Reserves.
  • All Reserves will be removed at the end of each semester unless otherwise arranged with the Access Services Department in advance.

Special Procedures: Books Not Owned by Sprague Library

  • Order titles not currently owned by the Library by completing and submitting the Book Request Form.
  • Indicate that the book(s) are needed for Reserves and specify the semester for which they are needed on the Form.
  • Submit orders at least three (3) months before the assigned reading date to ensure that the materials are available when needed by students.
Special Procedures: Instructors' Personal Items
  • Exercise discretion in submitting personal items for inclusion in the Print Reserves collection. The Library will not be responsible for damaged or lost materials.
  • Personal items will be returned to faculty members via campus mail at the end of the semester unless otherwise arranged with the Access Services Department in advance.
  • Instructors will be notified when personal items are significantly overdue and are considered missing.


The Sprague Library Reserves policy is based on federal copyright law (17 U.S.C., sec. 107 et seq.), which governs the reproduction and use of copyright-protected works in the classroom and for individual study, research, or scholarship. The law permits libraries, generally considered extensions of the classroom, to provide reproductions (e.g., photocopies) of copyright-protected works for Reserves within the scope of "fair use".

When adding items to the Reserves collections, the Library adheres to the University’s Copyright and Duplication Policy as enumerated in the Faculty Handbook and retains the right not to include certain items in the Reserves collections if doing so does not comport with copyright law.

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