Borrowing Media for Students

All patrons with a valid MSU ID may use multimedia materials. Materials may be used in the Library or be circulated to faculty, staff and students for use outside the Library according to the conditions stated below.

Depending upon status, a cumulative total of 1-3 multimedia items may be charged out at any given time.

Materials returned on or before the due date can be renewed once online or in person at the MMR desk or by phone.  If an item is overdue, it cannot be renewed. Patrons will be notified when desired Hold items are available. They will be kept at the MMR desk until claimed for 3 days. MMR reserved items should not be put on hold.


Alumni may only use MMR items IN HOUSE only.

Undergraduate and Graduate Students

A cumulative total of two (2) items may be borrowed at any given time.

Only students with disabilities may borrow materials that are on reserve.

In addition to having a valid MSU ID card, students with disability needs must present written authorization (on letterhead or sent by email) from a Disability Resource Center counselor each semester in order to borrow multimedia materials.

  No. of Items Loan Period
Audiotapes 1-2 2 days
Compact Discs 1-2 2 days


1-2 2 days
Videos, DVDs 1-2 2 days

Overdue, Fines and Fees

As a courtesy, no fines are charged for overdue items, but further borrowing will not be permitted until items are returned.

A  standard fee of $70.00 (average item price of $60.00 plus $10.00 for processing) will be charged for each lost item. The  Library, however, retains the right to determine the value of any lost item. No refunds will be given for items returned after payment has been made.  Costs will be assessed for damage to library materials.

Unpaid library obligations will be referred to the Business Office, which may result in
the inability to register for classes, the withholding of transcripts and/or diplomas, and referral to a collection agency.

5/24/2012 rev.