The Art of Eco-Exploration

CSAM Eco Explorers

Newark middle school students spent their days in local forests, streams and lakes this summer as part of STEM activities in the University’s Passaic Basin Eco-Explorers Program. Run by the Passaic River Institute, the program also gives students a chance to study environmental science, ecology, computer technology and biodiversity with an aim to stimulate interest in careers in science.

“This year, students visited and studied areas from the headwaters of the Passaic River to its mouth at Newark Bay,” says Meiyin Wu, director of the Institute. “We hope to increase students’ interest in the feasibility of attending college and pursuing a career in science by introducing them to a university environment.”

The program, which was expanded to a month long, was made possible by substantial financial support from the Victoria Foundation and Landsberger Foundation, through the Soar capital campaign.