Delivering Speech Therapy via Telehealth

Professor and student in speech lab inspecting an audio waveform on a computer monitor
Elaine Hitchcock, associate professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, has been awarded a $435,000 National Institutes of Health R15 grant, her second NIH grant.

Telehealth has become a normal part of health care during the pandemic, and Elaine Hitchcock, associate professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders, is researching the delivery of speech therapy via telehealth with a $435,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health.

“This research will meet a public health need by evaluating the efficacy of speech intervention supplemented with real-time visual-acoustic biofeedback when delivered using remote technologies,” says Hitchcock. “It will also develop an online battery to assess perception of targeted speech sounds and test the effects of online auditory-perceptual training for children who present with speech production errors and atypical auditory perception.”

The current award will support an ongoing collaboration in this research domain with New York University and Syracuse University to advance both the understanding of speech production as well as the remediation of residual speech errors in school-aged children.