Fighting Human Trafficking

The University launched the Global Center on Human Trafficking this fall, creating one of the few comprehensive university-based efforts devoted to ending the hidden crime of human trafficking in New Jersey and around the world.

Members of the Global Center on Human Trafficking

The Center is a multidisciplinary effort focused on developing innovative solutions to the global problem and has grown into a worldwide initiative working together with survivors to transform the response to human trafficking.

“By most indicators, more people are being trafficked and fewer traffickers are being punished. I’m excited about the transformative power of the survivor involvement that is at the heart of the Global Center on Human Trafficking,” explains Center Director Ali Boak, an anti-trafficking expert with more than 20 years’ experience in the field.

While very few reliable statistics exist about the prevalence of human trafficking in New Jersey, a team of professors and staff from Montclair State are conducting a study, “Understanding Human Trafficking: An Analysis of Data Collection,” to identify the methods of data reporting and develop a model that addresses current systemic shortcomings.