Ghetto Film Program Brings Students to Summer Intensive

Talented and aspiring teen filmmakers from Los Angeles and New York City spent part of their summer at Montclair State University, learning about college life and honing their storytelling skills with the University’s School of Communication and Media faculty and student leaders during intensive filmmaking workshops.

As part of an ongoing partnership with the Ghetto Film School, an award-winning nonprofit with locations in New York City, Los Angeles and London, the 2021 Summer Residency program offered two one-week sessions that provided a diverse group of high schoolers with aspirations to work in film or television the opportunity to learn more about directing while also offering them the chance to experience what it’s like to be a residential student on Montclair State’s scenic campus.

School of Communication and Media Director Keith Strudler says the Summer Residency program is “an example of the potential of education to be transformative to individuals while also achieving broader, societal goals.”

“The work being done by talented professionals both at Montclair State and Ghetto Film School has made this program the success that it is,” says Strudler. “It’s not only ensuring this group of talented, diverse, aspiring storytellers continue their journeys, but it also helps the future of film and television to become a brighter, better version of itself.”