From the President

I hope this message finds you safe and well. For those among you dealing with hardships caused by the ongoing public health crisis, I extend the concern and best wishes of the University community and our hope for better days ahead.

Photo of President Susan A. Cole

In its 112-year history, the University has endured through two World Wars, the Great Depression, catastrophic weather events, the tragedy of 9/11 and other crises. But this year is the first in which we have had to endure such a difficult situation without the benefit of being together in the fellowship of our University community.

Like every university in the country this spring, we transferred all of our classes online, a monumental undertaking on the part of our faculty, our technology staff, our advisors and our students. The success of the move demonstrated both creativity and commitment, and it enabled students to continue to progress toward their degrees. As you will see in this issue of the magazine, it also illustrated the creative ways in which we managed to remain connected to students, providing continuity in an uncertain time.

We look forward to the day when our community can be together in person again. We need our laboratories and our studios, our classrooms and lecture halls, our theaters and performance spaces. In short, we need our campus, and we need each other. As I write this, we are hoping we hear shortly that the Governor will permit the opening of the campus in the fall, and we are actively planning for the many changes in how we continue instruction, work and University activities in ways that are consistent with the best national and state health and safety guidance.

Over its century-long history, this institution has always worked toward a vision and a mission that grew and evolved to meet the changing needs of society. And we will continue to do so. I am tremendously grateful for the support you, our alumni and friends, have shown Montclair State as we guide our students through this unprecedented time in history. We especially appreciate your words of encouragement and your gifts providing financial assistance to our students during this especially difficult time.

We are keenly aware that the future of today’s students, and for succeeding generations of students lies in our hands. With your help, we are doing everything we can not to let them down.

President Susan A. Cole's signature.Susan A. Cole