A Perfect Union

Montclair President Jonathan Koppell and Union President Margaret M. McMenamin do a "fist-bump" at a table after signing an agreement
President Koppell and Union County College President Margaret M. McMenamin

In an effort to meet the community and labor market needs of Union County residents and provide students with convenient access to affordable, quality higher education, Montclair and Union County College have partnered to offer degree programs at Union’s University Center in Scotch Plains, New Jersey.

The University Center programs will be open to students with an associate degree or equivalent and priority will be given to Union graduates who have obtained an associate degree.

A total of three bachelor completion programs will be offered: Business, Computer Science and Education, as well as graduate degrees in Business and Educational Leadership.

The University also has a new academic agreement with Hudson County Community College, which will allow associate degree students to plan their total baccalaureate experience at the beginning of their college career and seamlessly transfer into corresponding bachelor’s degree programs at Montclair. Both programs begin in fall 2022.