Meeting a Need

The University has launched a Master of Public Health (MPH) in Health Systems Administration and Policy, and Master of Business Administration (MBA) dual graduate degree program for the fall 2022 semester, which will prepare graduates with unique qualifications to meet current health-care system and public health challenges.

In joining together the two successful master’s programs, Montclair will provide a high-level experience for students interested in both public health and health-care organization management. Graduates of the program will be positioned to fill the increasing number of roles in the health-care management industry in the tristate area and beyond.

“In this climate of heightened need for and awareness of excellent public health management, the ‘marriage’ of our business and public health curricula will provide our graduates and their communities with outstanding resources to meet present and future challenges,” says Elizabeth Rosini, associate dean of the Feliciano School of Business.

The MPH curriculum is shaped around the core public health principles of health equity and social justice as the means to improve the health-care system and overall population health. The MBA curriculum instills core business competencies with a real-world focus on innovative problem-solving and global strategic thinking.