Swinging with Tina Sinatra

Tina Sinatra took a spin around campus in December, visiting the residence hall that bears her father’s name and the campus radio station, where a student disc jockey keeps the legacy of Frank Sinatra alive with a show devoted to the American songbook.

The campus stop was part of a weekend celebration of the 106th anniversary of the singer’s birth on December 12, 1915, including the unveiling of a sculpture in Hoboken, Sinatra’s hometown. A broadcast of signature Sinatra songs played on WMSC 90.3 FM during her visit.

Back in 2010, Montclair students voted to honor Sinatra by naming new housing Francis A. Sinatra Hall. The University’s residence halls are traditionally named for famous New Jerseyans. In the six-story Sinatra residence, vintage photographs and history of Sinatra’s legacy adorn the lobby.

Tina Sinatra, a film producer, entrepreneur and author, manages the Sinatra business. “I love that we have a dormitory here at Montclair. I love that there is a connection to the music department. Your college is very impressive,” she said during the radio broadcast.