Frequently Asked Questions About Courses

What do I have to do each week?

In MyLabsPlus you will see assignments for each chapter in the textbook. You are required to complete each assignment with an 80% – 90% mastery level, depending upon your course. There are videos, sections in the online textbook, powerpoint slides and help features to accompany each assignment. You can always ask for more help too!
There are due dates set for each assignment so that you can keep pace with the class. If you fall behind on one assignment, you will need to catch up and work more at home. Quiz and test dates are the ultimate due date for each unit. Quiz and test dates are fixed!
You are also required to attend lectures or meetings of focus groups at your designated times. There may be written assignments completed in these sessions.
How do I pass this class?
Grading of courses in the Math Active Learning Center will be based on 1000 points. You must reach a certain points level for both tests/quizzes and the total class. See your Student Contract for more details regarding your specific math course. Each component of the class (homework, quizzes, attendance, tests and the final exam) contributes to your total. All homework must be completed with at least a mastery level of 80% – 90% to move on to the next assignment. Shooting for a 100% on homework will put you that much closer to your goal of passing!
How do I fail this class?
A sure way to fail your math course is to not attend class and not complete assignments. Studying and learning math requires practice and you will not be able to succeed without it. There is an abundance of assistance available to you in the Math Active Learning Center and in the courseware. You are failing yourself if you do not take advantage of it. Don’t waste a semester and miss an opportunity to learn! If you keep up with the work and complete all assignments to the mastery level, you will set yourself up for success.
Does attendance at the Red Hawk Mathematics Learning Center count?
Yes! Weekly attendance at your scheduled class sessions and lectures or focus groups count towards your grade.
What are focus groups?
Focus group meetings are small group active learning sessions. Your focus group leader will introduce problems for students to work on together (often in pairs). To solve the problems students will need to apply the material learned in class. Focus groups are an important component of the course as they help you consolidate your learning.
Is there homework in my math class?
Yes, whether in class or outside of class, you will work on the same set of problems called “homework” in MyLabsPlus. In order to meet weekly requirements and complete the material in one semester, you will need to work outside of class time.
You can work on MyLabsPlus from any computer that can connect to the internet.
You are also welcome to spend additional time in the Math Active Learning Center during drop in hours or at other times if there are open computers not being used by students attending their classes.
Can I redo homework assignments and quizzes?
Before the due date for an assignment, you may redo homework problems until you complete them successfully.
You are allowed two attempts per quiz. Between quiz attempts, you will be required to complete a review assignment focusing on questions you did incorrectly on the quiz.
I do well on homework but poorly on quizzes and tests. What can I do?
It is strongly recommended that you get tutoring every week, keep up with the class and take every single quiz twice.
Learn how to check your answers before you submit them in the system. When you take an assessment, if you don’t check your answer, you won’t know if you got it right until after you submit the test! Don’t know how to check your answer? Ask a tutor or your focus group leader.
When studying for a test or quiz, you should do a complete set of practice problems with no notes or help. Then check your answers and figure out how to do the missed problems correctly. Finally, mix up the order of the problems before you do the whole problem set again on paper, without notes or help. If you cannot do this, you may not be ready to take the test. Develop a strategy with your instructor. You may need to watch the videos again, take better notes, or get some help.
These steps will help you transfer your learning from homework to a quiz or test environment.
I missed class. What should I do?
You will lose attendance credit when you miss class or your focus group. You are still required to complete all assignments. You can work in MyLabsPlus from home or any other computer with internet access to make up assignments, but not the credit you lost for attendance. Provided there is an open computer, you may also come to the Math Active Learning Center during a drop in time to take advantage of the help in the Learning Center, but you will not receive credit for attendance.
Can I work from home?
Yes, you are expected to complete assignments outside of class time, but remember you are still required to attend class during all sessions, until you complete the course.
What if I finish early?
You will not need to continue to attend class if you complete and pass all assignments, quizzes, tests and the final exam, before the semester ends. Working hard throughout the early part of the term can lead to this reward.
I am having difficulty in my math class, how do I get help?
The first thing you should do is speak with your instructor in the lab.
Consult MyLabsPlus which has many resources: videos, PowerPoint slides, the online textbook and examples.
Attend a focus group active learning session where your questions may be addressed.
Come to the center and take advantage of on-demand tutoring even if classes are in session, as long as there is an available seat for you.
Find more ways to get help in your class
The tutor is not giving me a solution to the problem that I have asked. Why not?
Tutors are trained NOT to give full solutions. The tutor can give you a push in the right direction, show you where to go to find answers or help with you a similar problem. However, giving you a full solution to the question you are struggling with will not help you learn the material. The staff at the Math Active Learning Center is working to help you become a more independent learner and thinker. After you have tried a problem, you are of course welcome to call someone back to get additional assistance.
I’m having computer trouble with MyLabsPlus. Who can I call?
Customer service for MyLabsPlus is very helpful and responsive. The phone number is 1-800-677-6337.