Getting Help

How to get help at the Math Active Learning Center

Help is always available, just ask! As you work in the Math Active Learning Center, several math graduate assistants and tutors will be circulating to give assistance when you need it most. In addition, there will always be an instructor in the lab. Simply place the red cup on your computer monitor to get the attention of a tutor.

Tutoring by Appointment

To arrange an appointment please fill out the Individual Tutoring Reservation Form or speak to a Learning Center Assistant at the front desk of the Math Active Learning Center.

Drop-in Hours

Why are Drop In hours useful:

  • No reservation needed
  • Tutors will be available
  • You may take a quiz or test

View the hours page for current Drop-in times.

Helpful Links

Additional Tutoring Services

  1. In addition to drop-in hours, help is available whenever the Center is open. There may be additional computers available for use, on a first come first serve basis.
  2. Free Individual tutoring times are scheduled Monday through Friday in the Math Active Learning Center.
    Schedule and tutoring registration
  3. Academic Success Center – Webster Hall – Room 117.
    See CADA website for tutoring hours

Writing Support

You may need to write a paper or project for your math class in the Math Active Learning Center. The Center for Writing Excellence offers help with writing.

Academic Integrity

You are responsible for your own work. Any attempt to cheat will be a violation of the Code of Conduct and subject to academic penalties. If caught cheating, you will earn a 0 for the assignment and the behavior will be reported to the student conduct office. See the school’s academic code for further information on penalties for such misconduct. Two violations of the Code of Conduct will result in a failure of the course.

Disabilities Resources

Montclair State University is committed to the full inclusion of students with disabilities in all curricular and co-curricular activities as mandated by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The Disability Resource Center (DRC) will assist students in receiving the accommodations and services necessary to equalize access. Please note due dates are final unless otherwise noted by the instructor. For further information and assistance, contact the Disability Resource Center in Webster Hall (973-655-5431).

Counseling And Psychological Services (CAPS)

In addition to the above services, Montclair State is committed to the emotional well-being of the student body. For those suffering from emotional and psychological stresses (depression/testing anxiety/other) please visit the CAPS website. There you will find information regarding walk in times and services; you may also call 973-655-5211.