Job Opportunities

Should you work at the Math Active Learning Center?

  • Do you enjoy working with and helping others?
  • Are you able to clearly explain information to your fellow classmates?
  • Have you been told you are approachable or easy to talk to?
  • Are you reliable, responsible and a stickler for the rules?
  • Would you be able to clearly explain the rules to students?
  • Are you comfortable enforcing rules?

If you answer yes to these questions, the Red Hawk Mathematics Learning Center can be a rewarding place on campus for you to work. Staff at the Center will be on the front lines helping students succeed in their mathematics coursework. We are seeking responsible, caring and motivated students who enjoy working with others and have excellent communication skills.

What jobs are available at the Math Active Learning Center?

Undergraduate Tutors
Undergraduate applicants should have mathematics experience through pre-calculus and advanced statistics (beyond Math 109) with a minimum of a B Average in their math classes.
Graduate and Professional Tutors
Graduate and Professional tutors should have a strong background in mathematics and statistics.
Graduate and Professional Proctors
Proctors must be very observant

Graduate Assistants

Graduate Assistants are assigned to the Red Hawk Mathematics Learning Center by the Chair of the Mathematics Department.

All staff members are required to complete in-person and online training prior to the first day of the semester. Please contact the Math Active Learning Center director regarding current job openings and pay rates: