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Partnership with Stevens yields new 3+2 program

Through the new program students will earn a BS in Physics and MS in Mechanical Engineering in 5 years.

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How it Works

The agreement creating this program was finalized in Spring 2017.  Students interested in this program are advised on a specific course plan that allows them to complete the requirements for the BS in Physics at MSU in 3 years.  Students then transfer to Stevens to study Mechanical Engineering and complete their MS in two additional years.  Several courses taken at Stevens during the 4th year of the program transfer back to MSU as elective credit to complete the MSU Physics degree.

Why Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a highly desirable degree that provides many high paying career opportunities, and is described as the broadest of the engineering disciplines. It focuses on design and building of machines and mechanical systems to meet human needs. Physics forms the basis of mechanical engineering. Learn more about the field of Mechanical Engineering on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

For more information about this BS/MS in Physics and Mechanical Engineering, contact Prof. Ashwin Vaidya, vaidyaa@.montclair.edu