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Teaching Middle Grades Mathematics Certificate and MA Programs

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at Montclair State University offers two graduate programs in Teaching Middle Grades Mathematics.

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These programs provide teachers with a broad understanding of the fundamental principles that underlie middle school mathematics while at the same time making connections to the mathematics they will teach. Increased mathematical and pedagogical knowledge will result in an enhanced level of enthusiasm, confidence, and a deeper appreciation of mathematics in teachers, their students, and their colleagues. For more information about these programs contact Dr. Eliza Leszczynski, leszczynskie@montclair.edu.

Elementary School Certification with Subject Matter Specialization: Mathematics in Grades 5-8

This program, a post-baccalaureate certification endorsement in Middle School
Mathematics, is designed to give returning students who currently hold any valid
teaching license, an additional certification area to prepare them for the changing state of the
profession and/or to make them satisfy the requirements as a Highly Qualified Teacher.

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Teaching Middle Grades Mathematics Certificate Program

Students in this program complete five content courses specifically designed to deepen their understanding of middle grades mathematics. Upon completion of the program, students often choose to continue with the M.A. in Teaching Middle Grades Mathematics.  This program offers a second teaching endorsement to teachers who are certified in disciplines other than mathematics and wish to teach at the middle grades level.

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Master of Arts in Teaching Middle Grades Mathematics (MA)

This Masters program advances in-service middle grades mathematics teachers’ understanding of mathematics and mathematics pedagogy. It features five mathematics content courses and six courses that focus on content while also modeling effective mathematics pedagogy.

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