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Montclair State Students staffing LIGO booth at NEAF

Montclair State LIGO group exhibits at North East Astronomy Forum

The exhibit booth illustrated concepts related to gravity, gravitational waves, the detector technology, and the recent LIGO discoveries.

physics students at APS conference

Physics students present results at American Physical Society

The annual meeting focuses on the fields of gravitational physics, astrophysics, and nuclear and particle physics.

David Postoski talks to students regarding Intellectual Property

An overview of intellectual property

The Physics Club welcomed David Postolski, a local IP and Patent attorney at Gearhart Law.

Sierpinski tetrahedron

Teaching Middle Grades Mathematics Certificate and MA Programs

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at Montclair State University offers two graduate programs in Teaching Middle Grades Mathematics.

Marc Favata standing between speakers

Montclair State Faculty Member Marc Favata Earns Prestigious Simons Fellowship

This award will give the physics professor a chance to collaborate with scholars around the world.

blueprint and measuring tools

Partnership with Stevens yields new 3+2 program

Through the new program students will earn a BS in Physics and MS in Mechanical Engineering in 5 years.

Feature image for News 12 interviews physics faculty regarding recent LIGO discovery

News 12 interviews physics faculty regarding recent LIGO discovery

Marc Favata speaks with News 12 to provide insight into the neutron star collision that was reported on October 16.

Rendering of neutron stars orbiting and colliding

Groundbreaking Discovery by LIGO/Virgo Solves Cosmic Mystery

Faculty contribute to detection of neutron stars’ collision

Associate Professor Marc Favata and Assistant Professor Rodica Martin

Physics Faculty, Members of LIGO Team, Comment on 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics

Professors Rodica Martin and Marc Favata describe impact of ground-breaking work

Artist’s depiction of the merger of two black holes and the gravitational waves that ripple outward as the black holes spiral toward each other.

Listening to the Universe

Scientists proving Einstein’s theories usher in new field of gravitational-wave astronomy

Associate or Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics

Tenure-track or tenured faculty position in Applied Mathematics with preference for those whose research complements and strengthens the research activity of the Department in one or more of the following areas: applied dynamical systems, computational modeling, fluid mechanics, mathematical biology, and medical imaging.

Full, Associate or Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education

Applicants must have a demonstrated commitment to research in mathematics education, including research that will allow for the generation of competitive grant proposals, as well as a history of excellence in teaching.