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Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate programs in the mathematical sciences department introduce central ideas in a variety of areas in mathematics and physics. Our formula for success is:

critical thinking + rigorous reasoning = enhanced problem-solving ability

The Mathematics program provides students with a variety of courses in pure and applied mathematics that establish a mathematician’s mentality, and upon completion of any of our programs, students are equipped for careers as well as graduate study.


Mathematics, at its core, exists as a means to reveal and explain patterns, whether the pattern appears as electrical impulses in an animal’s nervous system, as fluctuations in stock market prices, or as fine detail of an abstract geometric figure. Studying mathematics leads to a variety of exciting professional careers in research, engineering, finance, business, government services, or as teachers at all levels.

Mathematics Programs


Montclair State University’s physics programs introduce the central ideas of a variety of physics disciplines. Students are taught to combine critical thinking with rigorous reasoning as a means to develop enhanced problem-solving ability. Opportunities are available for courses in physics, astronomy, and physics education.

Students find that almost any scientific problem can be approached using physics, and as a result there are many hybrid disciplines such as astrophysics, biophysics, and geophysics. Physics’ application to other sciences makes it an ideal starting point for entry into almost every branch of science, technology, and engineering.

Physics Programs

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Combined Five Year Programs

Combined programs provide a fast-track to getting both a Bachelors and Masters cutting out a year of schooling. See how our five year programs work if you intend to continue your education beyond the undergraduate level!


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