Patrol Division

Patrol Commander: Lt. Barbara Guiliano

The Patrol Division is staffed by uniformed officers that patrol the campus and are responsible for all of the primary police tasks seven days a week, twenty-hour hours a day. This is the largest division within the police department due to the high demand of service needed to protect the University. Scheduling of patrol officers is done using fixed shifts. Recent, studies have shown that this type of work schedule provides for improved officer morale, better mental and physical health and increased job performance.

Patrol Division The Patrol Division has four basic functions:

  1. The prevention and repression of crime
  2. The apprehension of offenders
  3. The maintenance of peace
  4. The protection of life and property.

Some of the duties of officers assigned to the Patrol Division include:
Responding to criminal complaints and conducting complete preliminary investigations.
Responding to non-criminal calls for service and EMS requests.
Traffic control and the initial investigation of auto crashes.
Enforcement of State Statutes, and Motor Vehicle Laws.