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I’m Afraid

If you are ever feeling afraid, we’re here for you.

Do you fear for your safety? Contact University Police at 973-655-5222. Visit the University Police website to for specific phone information. You can provide confidential tips to the police by calling 973-655-5128.

Check out these other support groups and services!

How to Report a Gender-Based Misconduct Incident

Montclair State University supports and encourages reporting of any type of gender-based misconduct, including sexual assault and harassment, dating violence, discrimination, domestic violence, intimate partner violence, sexual exploitation, and stalking.

How to Submit a Report/Complaint

Submit A Title IX Report

View more contact information.

Circle of 6 and Guardian Apps

The University provides a technology-assisted escort program through RAVE. With Circle of 6 you can choose six friends you know you can turn to for a ride, to talk to or to get quick advice.

With the RAVE Guardian App you send a message that goes to the University Police department to say you’re traveling on campus and when you arrive.

Cycle Breakers

Cycle Breakers is a peer-supported discussion group that meets weekly to talk about fostering healthy relationships.

Topics could include:

  • How to identify red flags in a relationship
  • Picking the right partner
  • How to help a friend out of a violent relationship.

The conversation is facilitated within a supportive environment at the Women’s Center.

Self Defense Training

This seminar teaches a practical and effective method of street-smart self-defense. In addition to physical techniques, topics discussed are crime prevention issues as well as situational and environmental awareness. The seminar is taught in an open, relaxed environment by expert instructors. This free seminar is offered by University Police to students, faculty and staff.

Sexual Assault Response Team (SART)

It is our hope that no one within our community will become a victim of sexual assault. However, if it occurs, the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) was created to meet all victim needs. Its members include University Police, sexual assault nurse examiners from the Health Center and campus interpersonal violence advocates. The SART team is trained to provide victim-centered, compassionate, comprehensive services directly; on campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year. When a victim reports a sexual assault, all options, rights and services are explained. Montclair State University SART members will respond based on the options and services requested by the victim.

Suicide Prevention Help

If you, or someone you know, are in crisis and are thinking about or planning suicide please reach out to Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at 973-655-5211 during regular University business hours. After hours contact counselor the University Police Department at 973-655-5222. This support is available to you 24/7.

For more information, please visit Suicide Prevention Help web page.