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I’m Having Trouble in Class

I’m Having Trouble in Class

As the University moves to a fully-online environment, we know this will be a transition for you. If you’re new to online courses and services, you are not alone! Please rest assured that staff and faculty are ready to support you!


By the end of extended spring break, each of your instructors will notify you about the format of your classes online. All of your classes this semester will continue online beginning Monday, March 23. Courses that are already fully online will follow their original schedule, and School of Nursing courses, which will follow that School’s specific schedule. Your professors, your advisor and your Dean’s Office are here to help if you have questions about your online classes.

Academic Advising and Registration

Registration for summer and fall will take place on schedule. Your academic advisor will be available to you virtually, either on the phone or online. Navigate can be used to schedule an appointment with an advisor; your college, school or program will ensure that an advisor is available to you either on the phone or online. For more detailed information about advising help, please refer to your College or School’s advising page.


The Academic Success Center and the Center for Writing Excellence are also available to you virtually, as well. In addition to offering tutoring, the Academic Success Center will provide livestream workshops to assist you with learning how to learn online! If you are taking a course that includes Supplemental Instruction, you can find the updated, online Supplemental Instruction schedules on WCOnline and on the Academic Success Center web page.


For more on classes, advising, tutoring and all things academic, check the Academic Information website.