Multi-Purpose Paper Requirements


Effective Monday, August 13, 2012, all University departments will be able to order their multi-purpose paper requirements directly from W.B. Mason using their on-line ordering system.  W.B. Mason will provide next day delivery for all paper orders, including pallet-sized orders.   No telephone orders are permitted. 

All office supply requirements, including paper, may be placed through W.B. Mason using either a FRS standing order or P-card.  As in the past, it is your responsibility to remain mindful of your paper inventory and plan orders in advance.   

If you do not already have an on-line account set up with W.B. Mason, please refer to the Procurement Services Office Supply Contract web page for complete program details. 

Any questions related to the WB Mason Office Supply Program are to be directed to Patricia Stolarz at 973-655-4365.  Thank you.