George Segal Gallery Presents Art and Design Faculty Exhibition September 11 to December 8

Works include paintings, sculpture, jewelry, works on paper, ceramics, video art and other media

The George Segal Gallery begins its season with an exhibit of works by faculty of Montclair State University's Department of Art and Design and the Filmmaking and video programs from September 11 to December 8.

The exhibit will feature works including paintings, sculpture, works on paper, jewelry, printmaking, ceramics, industrial design, graphic design, illustration, photography, video art and performance, and art history book presentations.

Faculty members scheduled to participate include:

  • Peter Barnet
  • Catherine Bebout
  • Chris Bors
  • Lynne Buschman
  • Nora Chavoshian
  • Wendy Erickson
  • Denis Feigler
  • Janet Filomeno
  • Eileen Foti
  • Friedman/Loewenthal
  • Scott Furman
  • Asha Ganpat
  • Nancy Goldring
  • Scott Gordley
  • Karen Guancione
  • Carl Gunhouse
  • Sue Havens
  • Julie Heffernan
  • Jayne Holsinger
  • Anthony Inciong
  • Josh Jordan
  • Hyun Jung Kim
  • Jae-Yong Kim
  • Wobbe F. Koning
  • Ahni Kruger
  • Patricia Lay
  • Catherin LeCleire
  • Michael Lee
  • Elisa Lendvay
  • John Luttropp
  • Luttropp/Greenwald
  • William McCreath
  • Katherine Moizsis
  • Stacy Renee Morrison
  • Edward Murr
  • Kate Niewodowski
  • Karl Nussbaum
  • Winfield Parsons
  • Kristal Romano
  • Christopher Schade
  • Klaus Schnitzer
  • Walt Swales
  • Meryl Taradash
  • Mimi Weinberg
  • Anne Betty Weinshenker  

M. Teresa Rodriguez, the gallery's director, said the exhibit is a long time coming. She had originally wanted to debut the exhibit as part of the University's 100-year anniversary celebrations in 2008 but couldn't due to lack of funding. Regardless of the delay, Rodriguez noted the exhibition will still accomplish its intended mission.

"We want to celebrate the talent of our studio arts faculty," she said.

The exhibit is juried by Dan Bischoff, art critic for The Star-Ledger, who cites the exhibit's diversity.

"[A]nyone viewing the Montclair State University 'Faculty Exhibition 2012' will be struck by its diversity, along both the axis of design/fine arts and that of ethnic identity, not to mention all the stylistic axes you can think of: abstraction/representation, color/form, downtown/uptown—however you like to shape your spectra," said Bischoff.

As an example, he cited, among others, the works of faculty members Peter Barnet and Chris Bors of Painting, who are at either end of the department's age range.

"[They] exemplify the power of cartooning and its amazingly long-lived relevance, Bischoff said. "Barnet is the son of [the renowned artist] Will Barnet and, coming from a family of artists, he was drawn unerringly to the art form with perhaps the least cultural respect in his youth. Bors works with the anime-flavored street language of this century. But both thrive on the expressive economy and emotional directness of the comics, and bring some of their anarchic individuality into the show."

Prof. Scott Gordley, chair of the Department of Art and Design, credited the faculty's diversity for enriching not only the exhibition, the department, and students' experience, but also the University as a whole.

"Reflecting on the accomplishments of this group, while simultaneously ruminating on the wide spectrum of offerings in this exhibition,...I’ve concluded that this faculty is wonderfully diverse, utterly unique and second to none. After all, diverse viewpoints—sometimes in direct opposition to each other—are at the heart of the creative process.

"The level of work produced in the areas of fine arts, design, fashion, art education and art history research is extremely impressive," he said.  "From adjunct faculty to...long-tenured professors...the level of achievement is consistently remarkable." 

Bischoff noted in an exhibit of a bounty of works offering such diversity as this, finding the common denominator among them may prove challenging.

"It’s [the exhibition] a cornucopia, and searching for the thread that runs through everything can be a little daunting," Bischoff added.

Gordley has found one.

"If there is a common thread running through this group, it’s that we are all moving forward—to where, we may not know and, perhaps, we don’t want to know," he said. "In the end, clichéd as it may sound, the journey truly is the destination.

"In the end, we are a heterogeneous mix of wonderfully complex parts," he said. "The faculty of Montclair State's Department of Art and Design is, above all else, extremely passionate about what it does."

Daniel Gurskis, the new Dean of the College of the Arts, agreed.

" 'Faculty Exhibition 2012' celebrates the Department of Art and Design's master teacher/artists whose passion and creativity fuel their work both inside and outside the classroom," Gurskis said. "[T]his exhibition is more than a showcase; it is an emphatic statement on the breadth and the depth of the talent in our gifted faculty. As you move through the gallery, you will have questions. You will begin to forge answers. You will come to understand that you are in a special place of imagination and inspiration."

Some of the items will be available for sale with proceeds going to the gallery's Foundation, Rodriguez said.

Also scheduled are related programs including the following:

"The Joy of Art History" lecture by Profs. Anne Betty Weinshenker and Elizabeth Valdez del Alamo on September 20
Refresher workshops in the visual arts conducted by Art and Design professors in the areas of painting, printmaking, drawing, ceramics, graphic design, and jewelry design (dates to come.  Registration and fees required.)
  • Exhibition tours and workshops for children and adults (pre-registration required)

An opening reception will be held September 13, 5-7:30 p.m. (by invitation only).

For more information on the exhibit, contact the George Segal Gallery at  973-655-3382 or, via e-mail, at