Contemporary Theater of Chile, Social Change and the Stage


Forum on International Issues
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Wednesday October 3, 2012 1:00pm
Student Center Room 419

Contemporary Theater of Chile

Social Change
the Stage

Leonor Lopehandía
Universidad Mayor, Chile

Cilean actress and educator Lenor Lopehandía will discuss the context in which the Chillean theater has unfolded since its silence of 18 years during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. She will share photographs of various theatrical productions, comparing and contrasting the contemporary Chilean theater scene with the country's theater during the 1990’s when great aesthetic, social and political changes were taking place. The presentation will conclude with a reading (in English, with selected scenes in Spanish) of Chilean playwright Guillermo Calderón’s play NEVA. The reading will be performed by Leonor and MSU theatre students.

Leonor Lopehandía Montecion completed her studies at the "Theatre Club" School in 1995 and received her graduate degree in acting at the Catholic University of Chile. As a professional actress she has appeared in numerous independent theater and media productions, beginning her career in 1994 at the Siré Augustine Theater of the University of Chile.

In 1998, she founded "La Borja" Theatre Company wiht Mauricio Moro and Sebastian Leon with whom she worked both as an actress and producer in Santiago and Temuco. She received a FONDART award in 2000 for Seven Mirages of a Fragmented History, a CUMBIA award in 2006 for Uncertain Celebrations in 2006 and a LIRA award in 2006 for Five Stories About Poor Poets. With renowned Chilean actor Héctor Noguera, she co–founded the Universidad Mayor’s School of Theater in the city of temuco, serving as professor of Voice and Speech and theater faculty coordinator. Since 2007, she has been a Professor of voice and Coordinator of General Training at the Universidad mayor’s School of Theatre in Santiago.

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