Construction Update for Week of September 24

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Construction is ongoing for the new combined heating, cooling, and power (CHCP) plant next to Car-Parc Diem (formerly Parking Lot 26).

The piping installation along University Promenade is nearing completion and the pipe is installed in the main roadway and back-filling operations are underway. The pedestrian traffic pattern will not change for the next week.

Significant phases in the construction that are upcoming are as follows:

  • Asphalt paving is scheduled for University Promenade on Saturday, September 29. It will begin at the north end of Calcia Hall and extend to the South end of Sprague Library. The west door of Dickson Hall will remain open via a temporary walk on the east side of University Promenade. The paving will be finished in one day, weather permitting.
  • On Monday, October 1, the University Promenade will reopen from University Hall to College Hall
  • The permanent rerouting of the Sprague Library potable water line has begun inside the existing fence line. The rear door of the library is currently closed and to be used as emergency egress only.
  • Piping installation has begun on the western edge of the campus behind Stone Hall and will continue south. Construction in this area has no direct impact on pedestrian or vehicular traffic, however everyone is reminded to be observant of construction vehicles moving in and out of the area.
  • Campus Shuttle service will remain available at the north end of University Hall via the new bus loop and bus stop.
  • The attached construction map shows the vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns around campus.

All roadways and pedestrian routes will be clearly marked so the campus community can navigate construction areas easily. All buildings will remain open and accessible.

We will continue to issue regular updates on the progress of the construction by email and on our website, CHCP.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support with our effort to improve the University infrastructure.