Student Spotlight: Jill Whittaker

Ph.D. in Counselor Education

I have recently been named a NARACES Emerging Leader and gave two presentations at the conference in Niagara Falls. I have received research awards for the past two years to present at national conferences. I have also been involved in teaching graduate courses internationally. Last year, and again this past fall I taught Child and Adolescent Development for the master's program in Taiwan. Over the summer, I taught Cultural Foundations of Education in Mallorca, Spain. I am currently a full-time doctoral student and fellow in Montclair State University’s Ph.D. in Counselor Education program. In the last year, I have served on the Dean's Doctoral Student Advisory Board and the Executive board for Chi Sigma Iota, the counseling honor society. I will be completing my coursework and taking my comprehensive examinations this fall.

The decision to pursue my PhD has allowed me to realize my dreams and goals and has proven to be a life-changing experience. As a doctoral student I have received numerous invaluable opportunities to research, write, and present with faculty members and fellow students. I have met so many intelligent, caring, and dedicated people who share my passion for making a difference in this world. The dialogue both inside and outside of the classroom is dynamic, invigorating, and inspiring! I have traveled across the United States and internationally to present and teach. Without a doubt, this doctoral program has had a significant impact on my life, and will continue to open doors for me in the future!