The Future of Innovation Showcased at Montclair State

Photo: Mike Peters

Jason Webley, founder and CEO of LivinSport gives his LaunchPad 1 Demo Day presentation.

Looking to stimulate interest—and hopefully investment—in their start-up tech companies, ten teams of New Jersey entrepreneurs introduced their companies and demonstrated their products to an audience of business advisors, sponsors, investors, professors and technology experts, at the Montclair State University Conference Center on November 14.

Called “Demo Day,” the event signaled the culmination of LaunchPad 1, a 12-week business boot camp designed to help transform innovative concepts into commercially viable business models. Created by TechLaunch, New Jersey’s new investor-led technology accelerator, LaunchPad 1 provides an avenue for some of New Jersey’s most imaginative young entrepreneurs to turn their vision into a reality.

According to TechLaunch founder and CEO Mario M. Casabona, the ten portfolio companies presenting were selected from an original pool of 91 companies. Their ultimate goal, he says, is to attract follow-up funding from investors.

Among the innovations presented at Demo Day were LivinSport, a social media platform for athletes that connects them with trainers, coaches, colleges, pro teams and fans; NickelBus, an online service for planning long-distance trips using multiple private bus companies; and SeamBLiSS, an online platform that allows consumers to connect and collaborate directly with emerging fashion designers for one-off, custom-designed clothing.

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