Assessing Writing Programs: Isaacs and Knight chapter reports on 101 University and College Study

Emily Isaacs, chair of the Department of English, and Melinda Knight, director of the Center for Writing Excellence, have written the concluding article in The WPA Outcomes Statement: A Decade Later (2012), a new book edited by Behm, Glau, Holdstein, Roen and White and published by Parlor Press. This book contributes to the scholarly conversation of writing instruction and assessment by discussing relevant issues of assessment and accountability in institutional contexts. Professors Isaacs and Knight’s chapter, “Assessing the Impact of the Outcomes Statement,” provides an empirical assessment of the impact of the WPA Outcomes Statements, reporting on a study of 101 four-year colleges and universities selected as type representatives. Although their research findings suggest that the WPA Outcome Statements “have not been broadly adopted or even adapted by our nation’s colleges and universities,” they report that they have “found evidence of the deep reach of such ideas as drafting, peer and instructor feedback, and writing as a process not product.”

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