2013 Employees Charitable Campaign




Our annual Campaign is now underway!

The Employees Charitable Campaign (ECC) is an effort of NJ state employees to raise funds for over 1,300 non-profit organizations that help people in our communities.

While you prepare for the coming holidays, you may have considered donating to a charity but was hesitant to give to a representative at a retail store. The Employees Charitable Campaign requires strict credentials in order to the charities to participate as well as an  online donation platform to cater to this growing method of fund-raising.

Montclair State University has always been an advocate of helping those that are less fortunate and we continue to do so by participating in this Campaign.  So if you've been meaning to donate to a local or national organization, the MSU Employees Charitable Campaign Committee can facilitate that goal. Here are just a few of the causes that you can donate to:

  • Breast cancer research
  • Homelessness prevention
  • Food banks
  • Animal shelters
  • Emergency housing and more
  • Typhoon Haiyan (code 0426)

 Please go to www.njsecc.org and take a moment to review the site. We think that you will find an agency to which you would be interested in making a contribution. It’s a simple process: Choose one or more organizations, go to https://www.giveattheoffice.org/_njsecc/  and select one of 5 ways to give:

  1. Pledge online (through a payroll deduction for whatever amount you select).
  2. Call x4498 for a pledge card or send cash or check written to NJECC to the Office of Employee Relations in College Hall 316B. 
  3. You can also visit CO-316B and fill out the Pledge Card form there.
  4. Contact a Committee member and we’ll give you any assistance you may need filling out the card.

Employees Charitable Campaign Committee:
Dr. Judith Lin Hunt, Dean of Library Service, x4301, huntjl, Sprague 210
Cristina Molinari, Technical Library Assistant, Representing CWA, x4195, molinaric, Sprague 115
Lynarkah Stephen, Assistant Director, Staffing and OER, x4498, stephenl, College Hall 316
Preya Sanasie, Assistant Director, Building Services, x3023, sanasiep, Student Center 001

Thank you very much!